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Basecrete - Flexible Waterproofing Bondcoat Kit

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Basecrete is a high performance, industry leading flexible waterproofing membrane and bond coat. A proprietary blend of polymers and specialized content providing unmatched strength and adhesion, yet remaining flexible to absorb movement in the underlying concrete structure. The ideal solution to waterproof, protect and repair any concrete structure including swimming pool foundations, spas, fountains and commercial spaces such as parking garages and factory floors.

NOTE: Each kit covers 450 sqft. Manufacturer strongly suggests 2 coats for an effective waterproofing application.

***Use with Basecrete Plus (concrete densifier) for complete waterproofing system in swimming pools, spas, fountains and other wet area applications***

Key Advantages
  • High performance: PSI, Adhesion, Tensile Strength, Shear Bond and Flexibility
  • Easy Application: Roll It, Trowel It, Spray It, Squeegee It
  • Made in the USA

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