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Small Format Glass Mosaic Tiles

Choose from our huge variety of beautiful small-format mosaic tiles. The products in this collection feature glass tile chips of 3/4" x 3/4" or smaller. Perfect for swimming pools, showers, interior walls and more. Did you know? Small tiles are particularly suitable for wet environments because the presence of more grout lines can add slip-resistant characteristics to your project.

Our collection of small glass tiles contains some of the most gorgeous blends and colors out of our entire inventory. Intricate, delicate yet durable, finely crafted and thoughtfully curated, glass mosaic tiles under 1" x 1" are an excellent choice when looking for a highly detailed mosaic tile for your pool, spa, and home. 

The complex blends available in mosaic tiles are one of the reasons these products are in a league of their own. Adorn your pool’s waterline with delicate glass mosaics to create a cool, modern pixelated look! Or for those who are even more fashion forward, incorporate these blends of mosaic tiles into your kitchen and bathroom’s decor to create an ultra-modern, ultra-fun space.

With small tiles the color options are almost endless! Available in rich, deep blacks to iridescent rainbows, soft and light to bold and bright hues, solid colors to colorful blends, with such a wide range of options for small mosaic tiles you are sure to find one you absolutely love.

Looking for a high-end, statement-making mosaic tile? The Royalty collection by AquaBlu offers some of the most luxurious one-of-a-kind small glass tiles, including a 24K White and Yellow Gold Glass Tile that are made with actual pieces of 24 carat white and yellow gold! Available in small tile blends or full sheets, these are some of most lux mosaics you’ll find anywhere.

Peruse through our collection of small glass tiles and get inspired! Find your favorite colors and commit to make those home improvements that showcase your personal taste and sense of style. Small tiles are the perfect choice for your aquatic oasis, your kitchen backsplash, or shower floors. Small in size but mighty in durability, you’ll find only the best in our selection of glass mosaic tiles.

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