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Patterned & Encaustic Porcelain Tile

Browse our beautiful collection of porcelain tile featuring stunning printed patterns. Indulge in old world charm with these 6" x 6" porcelain tiles, perfect for swimming pool waterlines or interior applications.

Patterned porcelain tiles are playful, dramatic, and captivating. It’s easy to see why this collection of tiles is one of our most popular! Create a statement wall, or statement floor! An outdoor oasis that takes you out of your home and into another part of the world. From Spain to Morocco, ancient to modern times, patterned porcelain tile has been a staple of design for the most stylish of places.

The rich blues and blacks of the Isabelle, Janette, and Laure decorative porcelain tiles, in mesmerizing, intertwining patterns, will grab your attention and draw you into any space. Absolutely stunning when installed along a pool’s waterline, bathroom floor, or kitchen backsplash. You can express your creative edge with the subdued dramatic flair of one of these delightful and fanciful patterned tiles by Aquatica.

Love the traditional Spanish style of painted porcelain tile? Intricate designs full of energy and vibrant detail. These tiles will bring to life any area of your home or outdoor retreat. The Barcelona, San Sebastian, and Codova patterned porcelain tiles have just the right amount of color for their complex motifs so as not to overwhelm your décor while they enhance its visual aesthetic.

Our decorative porcelain tiles are also equally as durable as they are lovely. Resistant to staining, fading and discoloration, their vivid colors and designs will not be diminished by the harsh elements and chemicals that pool tiles consistently come in contact with. Patterned porcelain tiles are a striking and simple solution when looking to make a major impact and lasting impression!

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