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Green Glass Mosaic Tile for Pools and Interior Applications

Shop online from our beautiful selection of green glass tile in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. All of our glass mosaic tile is rated for pools and wet areas, making them perfectly suitable for kitchens, showers, or interior walls. Pre-mounted in approximately 12" x 12" sheets and ready for install.

Ode to the beauty of green. From a vibrant jungle canopy to the soft and subtle seafoam, our green glass tiles capture the color of nature, balance, and abundance. Our Harmony collection is a delightful and whimsical mix of green glass tiles that come together to create dynamic mosaics such as the Lush, Peacock, and Legend glass mosaic tiles. While the Superior collection blends beautiful iridescent glass tiles with a more muted, understated shade of green.

Looking for something with zest? Check out the Pistachio, Green Turquoise, or Dark Green glass tiles by Vidrepur. Made with recycled glass and imported from Spain, these green mosaic tiles are bright, fun and take the color “green” to the far ends of the spectrum. Or, if you feel like a mermaid at heart, you’ll find the perfect combination of blues and greens in the Smash Box, She’s A Star, and Fantasy glass mosaic tiles created by Hirsch. These green glass tiles are the epitome of that magical ocean realm you may envision yourself in.

Whatever your personal aesthetic may be, there is no denying the allure of the color green. Bring this positive, joyous color into your home and outdoor space with a selection from one of our green mosaic tiles.

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