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Gray Mosaic Tile for Swimming Pools & Interior Spaces

Shop online from our beautiful selection of gray glass tile in a variety of shapes, sizes and patterns. All of our glass mosaic tile is rated for pools and wet areas, making them perfectly suitable for kitchens, showers, or interior walls. Pre-mounted in approximately 12" x 12" sheets and ready for install.

Ready to redefine everything you know about the color gray? Our collection of gray tiles has taken this plain, neutral shade and turned it into an exciting, vivacious accent color that will standout without overwhelming the look of your décor. From a matte gray fish scale tile to a 24k white gold glass tile, there is a gray mosaic tile that will inspire the interior decorator within you!

The Moon collection by Vidrepur conjures images of far-off and far-out celestial bodies. The Super Nova, Blue Planet, Pluto and Galaxy are gray glass tiles that have unique textures and iridescent sheens that truly look as if they were formed on some other planet. As well, Vidrepur’s Shell collection brings the color gray to its full potential. Light, shimmery gray tiles that delight the eyes with delicate hints of the full color spectrum with their iridescent luster.

American Glass Mosaics has created a gorgeous contemporary and sophisticated collection of gray tiles with their Superior collection. Superior indeed! These glass mosaic tiles, including a gray hexagon and gray herringbone, are crafted using fine Italian design techniques and created here in the U.S.A using 100% recycled glass. There is not a finer product or mosaic tile created with such a low carbon footprint.

Looking for an understated yet complex gray mosaic tile? Look no further than our collection by AquaBlu. This selection of monochromatic beauties blends soft light and dark gray tiles to give this cool tone complexity and vibrance while keeping the minimalist effect strived for with this neutral color.

Whether you love the color gray, or you need something with a bit more “energy”, you are sure to find a gray glass tile that will suit your tastes and go beyond your expectations!

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