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Glass Fish Scale Mosaic Tile for Kitchen Backsplashes and Bathrooms

The trendy Moroccan fish scale mosaics you've been looking for are finally here! Fish scale mosaic tiles are the perfect addition to any kitchen, bathroom, or interior/ exterior wall application. The fan or scallop shape works perfectly in all directions, so feel free to get creative with your next project. Fish scale glass mosaic tile is the perfect solution for adding life and texture to any surface.

Ready to have some fun with your décor? Time to think outside of the box and into the scallop! Fish scale tile is modern, playful, and unexpected. Turn any accent wall into the centerpiece of your home; or tile your entire bathroom in one of these gorgeous scallop tiles and create an otherworldly spa experience!

Available in a variety of colors, with matte and glossy finishes, paired with the perfect color of grout that will accentuate the fan shape of these tiles in a bold or subtle way, you can really get creative with the desired effect! Our Matte Dark Grey, Fish Scale Mosaic Glass Tile looks chic and sophisticated when paired with a light gray grout. Or get fishy with it and pair the Brushed Green, Fish Scale tile with a light blue or seafoam green and create the appearance of a mermaid’s tail.

Fish scale tiles will bring the look of the sea, and the sea life, into your home’s interior or outdoor space. This familiar pattern, presented in an unfamiliar way, tips the scales of fun and funky to bring a new take on glass mosaic tiles and your everyday décor.

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