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245 products

245 products

Swimming Pool Mosaics by Artistry in Mosaics

Since 1987, the designers and artisans at Artistry in Mosaics have hand-crafted countless pool mosaic works of art for pools, homes and commercial buildings across the United States and the World.

Artistry In Mosaics offers a huge selection of pool tile mosaics in a variety of collections ideally suited for applications in swimming pools, but can also be used for interior or exterior walls, including kitchen backsplashes and in showers. These elegant, sometimes playful mosaic tile murals are virtually maintenance free and frost proof, meeting or exceeding all industry quality standards including freeze thaw resistance and chemical resistance.

Take dolphins. The Artistry In Mosaics dolphin collection is simply awesome. There are more than two dozen stylized dolphin mosaic tiles to choose from such as solo dolphins, dolphins in groups, and even tribal art dolphins.

Turtles are another popular mosaic pool tile. Turtles have been around for nearly 220 million years. Now you can swim with sea turtles without ever stepping into the sea. Enjoy stunning handcrafted turtle mosaics in your very own pool. Artistry In Mosaics offers a beautiful assortment of turtle mosaic tiles ranging in size from 4” loggerheads to 38” giants. Place the head of the turtle facing the deep end. When the wind blows the water moves and the turtle looks like it’s swimming!

Prefer a pool fun icon instead?  You’ll find party type board shorts, bikinis and flipflops as well as footprints in tan or blue.

Other unforgettable tile mosaics include sharks, rays, tropical fish, game fish, geckos, reef scenes and medallions.

Artistry In Mosaics pool tile mosaics are hand carved and hand painted.

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