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Glass Arabesque Tile

Lantern Tile Mosaics

The attractive hourglass or lantern shape of arabesque tile mosaics make them a perfect choice for kitchen backsplash applications. Consider for use in swimming pools and spas if you really want to make a statement. 

Our arabesque glass tiles, part of the Silhouette Series by Hirsch, are some of the most stunning mosaic tiles in our entire collection! Beautifully crafted with dreamy color combinations, that are quite apropos for their flowy lantern shape, our glass arabesque tiles are the perfect combination of shape and hue. The blended sea shades of the Make a Statement and Smash Box arabesque tiles will turn any room or space into a mermaid’s paradise. The fiery and vibrant hues of the Tango and Grand Entrance arabesque mosaic tiles will brighten and energize your home’s interior or backyard retreat. While the rich and lovely greens of the Liberated and Scandal glass arabesque tiles will bring the feeling of a romantic forest into your modern living space. 

Arabesque tiles have been a part of many stylish decors, from old world to new, and the trend of arabesque mosaic tiles is not going to end any time soon! Regal, sophisticated, and timeless, glass arabesque tiles are sure to enhance and elevate your home’s décor; be it a simple addition, such as a kitchen’s backsplash, or as an entire accent wall. Our arabesque mosaic tiles come face-mounted and are guaranteed for the life of the application. What makes these arabesque lantern tiles even more enticing is the 3-D color swirls that are embedded in each one, making this series a stand-out one-of-a-kind collection.

Glass arabesque tiles are a chic and easy solution to create an enchanting and inviting atmosphere. The delightful lantern shape of these mosaic tiles combined with the beautiful blends of color may be just what you’re looking for for your next project or remodel. Peruse through our collection of arabesque tiles and get inspired today!

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