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Pool Mosaics

Artistic Mosaics for Swimming Pools

Looking to add something special to your pool or spa? Our stock pool mosaics are perfect for a variety of applications! From sea-life mosaics such as turtles, rays, and dolphins, to unique, eye-catching mandalas, medallions, and other fun designs, we have something to help everyone create the perfect backyard paradise!

All of these incredible swimming pool mosaics are frost-proof and mesh-mounted, making them ready and simple to install. Moreover, they are guaranteed for the life of the application. Whether you're looking to add a touch of whimsy to your home, or accenting a high-end luxurious pool oasis, AquaBlu has something for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pool Mosaics

When do you install a pool mosaic?

Pool mosaics are generally installed directly into the plaster when building or refinishing a pool. This is done before the final pool finish is applied. That said, a pool mosaic can be installed after a pool has already been built, but this is not recommended as there will be a lip around the mosaic and it will not sit flush with the surface it is applied to.

What's the difference between screen-printed and handmade pool mosaic tiles?

As far as durability is concerned, there is no difference. Both our screen-printed and handmade mosaics are pool rated, frost-proof, and guaranteed for the life of the application. The biggest difference is in the artistic style. The screen-printed mosaics offer a photo-realistic image while the handmade mosaics are an artistic representation of the image. Both are beautiful and durable and would make a great addition to any pool or spa!

 Do swimming pool mosaics need to be grouted?

            Pool mosaics are made up of smaller parts of tile that when placed together create one full image. Each piece can be thought of as one piece of tile. All tiles should be grouted to ensure they are properly installed and last as long as possible. That said, pool mosaics can be grouted using high-performance grouts like those in our Starlike EVO collection, or with the very plaster being installed in the pool. This is up to personal preference; however, we tend to recommend a matching grout to help conceal the grout lines throughout the image.

 What is a pool mosaic?

Pool mosaics are images made of small pieces of porcelain or glass tile that are placed together to adorn your pool or spa. They come in all shapes and sizes and in a variety of colors. They are the perfect addition to outdoor space!

What our customers are saying

baby turtle mosaic

"Exactly what I was hoping for, very pleased with the mosaics. Liked them so much ordered another mosaic just before pool got plastered. Sales rep was very friendly and helpful. Pricing very reasonable and amazingly fast shipping. Love my outdoor aquarium!!” - Amy A. - 10/17/2021