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Blue Mosaic Tile for Pools, Spas, and Interior Spaces

When it comes to selecting a tile for areas with water elements, we are instinctually drawn to the color blue. The color of the sky, the sea, the epitome of tranquility. Our blue glass tile is an excellent choice for creating a relaxing, calming environment while also adding some luster and brilliance to surfaces that would otherwise appear dull and flat.

Equally as durable as the more traditional porcelain pool tile, but with even more luminosity, blue glass mosaic tile is an excellent choice for your pool and spa. As the sunlight reflects off of the tile’s surface your pool’s water will sparkle and radiate that lovely inviting blue, becoming the jewel of your backyard. As well, you can bring that same shine, and touch of luxury, to your home’s interior by adding glass mosaic tile to the walls of your kitchen, bathroom, or any room you so desire!

Peruse through our collection and see which one resonates with you. What shade of blue brings you joy? Which pattern or shape would you be delighted to have as part of your home and/or outdoor décor? When it comes time to remodel, restore, or upgrade your personal oasis our blue glass mosaic tile is a superb choice!

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