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Glass Subway Tile

Glass Subway Tile for Pools, Kitchen Backsplashes, Showers & More

If glass subway tiles seem like a basic choice for upgrading your decor, think again! Our collection of subway tiles will spark your imagination, delight your senses, and create extraordinary spaces you may not have known were possible.

Envision walking along the beach, seeing the sunlight reflect off the water’s surface – it creates such a surreal, dream-like affect. This is an image and moment we try to capture with photos and artwork so that we may enjoy reminiscing upon it from the comforts of homes and everyday lives. Wonderfully, this treat for the eyes and the spirit has been recreated by the glass subway tiles in the Nautical collection by Aquatica. The Bimini Blue and the Emerald Green glass subway tiles radiate the vision of the sea flowing onto the shore as the sun sets and light shimmers upon the water. The Laguna Black glass tiles show the splendor of a harvest moon glistening on dark waters, with the colors of the rainbow magically shining out of the black abyss. As well, the Thunder Gray glass subway tiles conjure memories of a stormy day at sea. Dramatic and beautiful.

For a more “earthy” look: The Garden Wall collection of glass subway tiles brings vibrant blues and a stone-like texture to this classic style. These glass mosaic tiles look as if they truly are blue stone; weathered and dyed shades of the sea from the ocean waves lapping against it. Or, our Bark glass subway tile collection creates the appearance of distressed, delicate planks of wood lightly stained in tans and aquas. Your mind and imagination are taken to other-worldly destinations and landscapes with these gorgeous glass tiles that look anything but glass!

Here at AquaBlu Mosaics you can choose from a beautiful selection of subway tile rated for pools and wet area application. The products in this collection feature glass tile chips of approximately 2" x 3", 2" x 4" or larger, and are sold by the sheet. Pre-mounted for easy installation - there is no better time to add that finishing touch to your home improvement project.

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