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Glass Tile Trim for Pools & Spas

Shop from our online selection of glass trim tile, perfect for use on swimming pool steps and edges. The products in this collection are made to order and sold by the linear foot.

Tile edge trim is essential for giving any tile installation or remodel that sleek, finished look. Not only is bullnose tile visually pleasing, it also adds to the longevity of your application. The rounded tile edge is less likely to chip or break, nor will you have issues with the possible sharp borders of the tile being exposed.

Our glass tile trim does not need any additional coping and can be installed on any 90-degree edge. Equally as durable as porcelain but with a more deluxe feel and appearance, glass tile edge trim is an excellent choice for steps, spas, spillways, and infinity edges. Available in a wide variety of colors and blends, and mesh mounted for easy installation, our bullnose tiles are the perfect finishing touch to create your luxury pool or spa.

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