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Mermaid Mosaic Tile Art for Swimming Pools

We are fascinated with mermaids. Humans' love affair with these mythical creatures dates back to the dawn of civilization and shows no sign of abating. Mermaids have long been a popular subject of art and literature. They have been depicted in operas, paintings, books, films and comics. Now you can find them as mermaid pool mosaics. Just like mermaids, mosaic mermaid tiles combine beauty and grace. The Mermaid mosaic pool tile collection offers a variety of picture perfect designs, including mermaids standing alone as well as mermaids catching rides on dolphins or turtles. Several of our mermaid pool mosaics can be customized however you’d like. Bring your swimming pool to life with these beautiful hand-crafted mermaid mosaic tiles from AquaBlu Mosaics.

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