About us


In 2013, from a humble beginning but with a big vision, AquaBlu Mosaics was created. Our mission was simple:  to create an online shopping experience that was unbeatable in its selection of specialty products for pools and outdoor environments, its user-friendly appeal, and its competitive pricing – all while providing a superior level of customer service.

From fine hand-selected tiles and mosaics specifically crafted for pools but equally ideal for home interiors, to one-of-a-kind custom mosaic creations that bring your vision, your art and your statement to this classic medium, we offer products that will enhance and improve any living space. 


We are mosaic tile specialists with a love for all things aquatic. With over 15 years in the swimming pool tile industry and a deep connection to the ocean - from surfing, boating, and diving, to ocean conservation - our love of creating beautiful outdoor oases is rooted deep in the water. With our offices located in sunny Florida and golden California, we are a small team of ocean-minded, quality-driven, and service-oriented individuals.

Inspired by the ocean, our dream is to bring an aquatic oasis to every home while also giving back and supporting this valuable ecosystem. With every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds is donated to ocean conservation efforts. By creating AquaBlu Mosaics we’ve made it possible to combine our area of expertise with our passion for marine conservation. We hope to make a meaningful impact and inspire others to do so as well.


Tile & Mosaics

AquaBlu Mosaics specifically focuses on tile and mosaic products that are created to withstand harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and harmful UV rays. As durability exceeds standards for interior applications, customers can feel confident that these items are not only suitable for outdoor environments, but will also work flawlessly in their kitchen, bathroom, or other interior spaces.

Glass Tile Pools

Glass tile pools are visually stunning, require less maintenance with a longer lifespan than your typical pool finish, and increase the resale value of your property. You can choose from any one of the captivating stock mosaic tiles, or let us create a custom glass tile blend specific to your personal taste and style of décor.

Custom Mosaic Production and Design

Our customization options include everything from custom tile blends and gradients to intricate hand-carved designs. Our team of artisans and tile experts can assist in every step of the design process to make sure you, our valued customer, gets exactly what you want, when you need it, and within budget. There is no project too small or too big! At AquaBlu, we work with factories all over the world, and can tailor the material and production methods to suit your vision.

Installation Materials

In addition to having the web’s largest and best selection of products specifically focused on outdoor or submerged applications, AquaBlu is also a proud provider of the world’s highest-performing and eco-friendly installation materials. From waterproofing bondcoat kits to premium epoxy-based grouts, we have everything you need to complete a successful installation that is guaranteed to last.


We strive to present our customers with nothing but the best value possible, and can help your project remain within budget with our custom packages and price-match guarantee.  Need further proof of our commitment to excellence? Just check out our customer reviews - with over 2,000 5-Star reviews it is easy to see that we aim for and achieve total customer satisfaction. Rest assured you can always “Trust in Blu”!


Where do we see ourselves going from here? We currently have some major projects in the works that will play an integral role in increasing our efforts in ocean conservation and raising awareness. These vital yet delicate ecosystems are under threat, and we all must work together to protect and restore them. Please be sure to visit us again soon as we rollout some amazing programs that will aid in these conservation efforts!


"We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!"


Yours truly,
The AquaBlu Team