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Pebble Tile

Imported from Indonesia, these intriguing interlocking pebble mosaic tiles capture the beauty of nature in high quality natural stone pieces.

We offer a variety of colors and designs in five collections: Pebbles, Flat Stone, Sea Glass, Hopscotch and Shaved Pebbles. Pieces are rounded, flat or a combination of rounded and flat. Sealers and color enhancers can be used with these mosaic pebble tiles. Matte sealers are especially useful for a dry look.

Applications are only limited by your own imagination. Recommended uses include swimming pools, patios, fireplaces, showers, kitchen backsplashes, countertops, bathrooms and exteriors/interior walls.

Floors of pebble mosaic tiles are a natural fit for anyone who loves the rustic beauty and tranquility of nature – like reconnecting with childhood memories of skipping smooth stones across the water.

Both traditional and transitional architecture receives an upgrade with the subtle bumpiness and smooth surface created by pebble tiles.

Interlocking mosaic pebble tiles also are perfect décor touches in areas that need a little more interest.