Wave Pattern Decorative Porcelain Tile

12 products

12 products

Wave-Pattern Porcelain Tile for Pools

Browse our beautiful collection of decorative porcelain tile for swimming pool waterlines. We carry only the highest-quality pool tiles from leading manufacturers in the swimming pool industry.

Where there’s water there’s waves. Incorporate a wave pattern border along your pool’s waterline and bring this fun and classic tile choice to your favorite swimming retreat. All of our wave mosaic tiles come in those perfect pool shades of bright and light blues, with some sea green and earth tones in the mix. The wave border pattern is timeless, stylish, and the absolute perfect tile for any pool!

Our wave pattern tiles are all frost proof, impervious to liquids and vapors, and resistant to staining, fading and discoloration. They come mesh mounted for easy installation and are perfect for pool waterlines. The intricate details and unique shapes of these durable and decorative wave border tiles will last for years to come and delight your guests in and out of the pool!

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