by AquaBlu Mosaics, the leading online provider of glass tile and pool mosaics, is proud to announce their latest design in pool mosaics—the Mandala series. Conceived to bring the same beauty and realism as their other mosaic patterns, the Mandala series will provide an additional feature: patterns to help you relax and contemplate life as you enjoy your backyard oasis and pool. How is that possible?

The Promise of the Mandala

MND-JSM-11 Joyful Soul mandala series pool mosaic from custom mosaics MND-BEM-11 boundless energy mandala series pool mosaic from custom mosaics MND-CBM-11 cosmic bliss mandala series pool mosaics from custom mosaics

The secret is in the Mandala, which means “circle” in Sanskrit. Mandalas are spiritual symbols that represent wholeness, a universal diagram that reminds us of our relation to the eternal. The mandala also embodies the circles of life which include friends, family, and community. Extending beyond our bodies and minds, the Mandala can be seen on the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon.

Colors will play a significant part in the style of your pool mosaics, and they are also revealed in the Mandala. Our Joyful Soul pool mosaics and step markers contain blues that represent emotional healing, inner peace, and meditation. And our Boundless Energy mosaic has reds for the strength, high energy, and passion that’s associated with that lively color in the Mandala.

Keep in mind that our new Mandala Series Mosaics are not only stunning and capable of catching your imagination, they are also made to last. Manufactured from 3/8” thick porcelain, they are screen-printed, waterjet-cut, and ready to install. And there’s no need to worry about falling temperatures; our mosaics are frost-proof and guaranteed for the life of the application!

Our Promise to You

It’s been our promise since our beginnings in 2013 to offer you quality products, such as our exciting new Mandala Series Pool Mosaics, and to provide an unmatched commitment to our customers, all the while keeping to our three core values:

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Here at AquaBlu Mosaics, we’re proud to offer total customer satisfaction. If you're not completely happy with your purchase, we have guidelines in place to help make your return a smooth and seamless experience. And if you’re skeptical about buying your glass tiles and pool mosaics online, remember that buying online—even larger items like pool tiles and mosaics—is now a common practice.

Embrace the Online Experience

You can select and purchase your Mandala Series Pool Mosaics without leaving the comfort of your home. Consider these additional benefits of shopping online:

  • Lower prices: AquaBlu Mosaics has fewer overhead costs
  • Greater selection: Find what you want at the touch of a button
  • Shipped directly to your home: No need to fight traffic or endure pushy salespeople
  • Superior customer service via phone, email, or live chat
  • Hassle-free returns

Let us help you

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