Create the All-Tile Pool of Your Dreams

From stock colors and blends to custom mixes and artistic hand-made designs, AquaBlu can transform your swimming pool into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Whether you are in the middle of planning a design for new construction or renovating an existing pool, our team of experts will work with you to turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today for a free consultation - we look forward to working with you on your AquaBlu Pool!

Why Glass Tile?

Unmatched Brilliance & Shine

Longest Lasting Pool Finish

Zero-Percent Water Absorption

Frost-Proof, Heat-Proof & UV-Resistant

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Increase Property Value

Stock Colors & Mixes

AquaBlu Mosaics proudly offers the web’s largest and best selection of glass mosaic tile specifically rated for swimming pool application. With so many colors and formats to choose from, it’s easy to find a product that can meet your aesthetic as well as your budget. Plaster and aggregate are so last year… ask about our volume discounts and customization options - an all-glass pool finish has never been so easy and affordable!

Custom Blends & Gradients

Looking for a specific color scheme or something that is truly unique? At AquaBlu we can easily customize and mix a variety of colors to match your individual style and taste - the possibilities are endless! Your custom mosaic mix or gradient will come pre-mounted in sheets for easy installation, and the only requirement is additional lead time. Stand out from the crowd with an all-glass pool that truly exhibits your original vision and personality.

Custom Designs

Inspiration is all around us, and a swimming pool is actually the perfect canvas for artistic expression. Whatever you can imagine - from colorful tropical reef scenes and aquatic imagery to contemporary art and abstract designs - we will turn your ideas into a custom mosaic masterpiece at virtually any scale. Let us know your ideas and requirements, and we can recommend the perfect custom production method that will allow you to achieve your desired look, at or within your price range. Your dream pool is literally just a click away.

Get in touch with us and start planning your all-glass tile pool paradise!


AquaBlu works closely with today’s industry-leading professionals and offers the highest-performing products available to ensure a successful installation. Our all-tile pool installation guidelines and product recommendations follow procedures set forth by the TCNA (Tile Council of North America), and can be recommended for both new pools as well as pool remodels starting from a clean concrete, or shotcrete shell. If you are remodeling your pool we advise removing the existing plaster and tile, starting fresh from a clean concrete surface.

It is important to note that not all pool builders or tile installers are experienced in finishing a concrete pool entirely in glass mosaic tile, and it is essential that installation is performed correctly and professionally the first time around. Protect your investment and inquire about our installation services today. *Available on a limited-case basis and in select locations.



Apply Basecrete Plus colloidal silicate / concrete densifier. This is an aqueous solution that penetrates the concrete shell, filling micro cracks and crevices to create a waterproof concrete structure when applied to saturation. If using a primary waterproofing product, it is recommended to pressure wash or clean the pool surface again to remove excess oils and silicate.


Apply a single coat of Basecrete Bond Coat. This layer preps the surface for proper bonding of the mortar bed. Enjoy ease of application as this product may be rolled, sprayed or troweled.


Apply Litokol Litoplan Smart leveling agent. This is a cement-based leveling layer, also known as brown coat, or float work. Mortar bed is applied to perfect the shell of the pool, making sure that it is level, plumb and ready for tile.


Apply Basecrete Flexible Waterproofing Bondcoat or Litokol Aquamaster. Application of these products will ensure a leak-proof structure, which is especially important when protecting underlying structures.


We recommend the following two tile adhesive products that may be utilized based on installer preferences and climatic conditions: Litokol K100 High-Performance Cementitious Tile Adhesive and Litokol Litoelastic EVO High-Performance Epoxy Tile Adhesive (preferred). Both products are pure white as to not alter the color of translucent, or semi translucent glass tiles. They are highly flexible, allowing the tile to expand and contract with climatic changes, and are perfect for high stress areas. Enjoy additional waterproofing benefits, and efflorescence control when using Litoelastic due to its non-porous, water-repellent properties.


Choose from any of the Litokol high-performance, high-fashion epoxy-based grouts. For a more dramatic effect - consider adding lustrous Galaxy, Gold or Spotlight shimmer packs to enhance the overall finish. Benefits of Litokol epoxy grout include high bond and mechanical strength, crack resistance, stain resistance, UV resistance, water repellency, and flexibility.


Procedure follows TCNA P602 and should be used in conjunction with EJ171, Movement Joints.

These are professional recommendations only; any variations of this guideline may be discussed with your installer.

Glass Tile for Waterlines

If you decide that an all-tile pool is not for you, consider glass mosaic tile for your pool waterline. For plaster or aggregate pools, the addition of glass tile along the border is both a practical and affordable way to add some extra vibrance and sense of luxury. As a rule of thumb - for a standard six inch waterline start by measuring the swimming pool's circumference, and then divide it in half to determine the number of square feet of tile required. Most mosaic glass tile for pools is pre-mounted in approximately 12" x 12" sheets and can easily be cut in half to provide two linear feet of coverage per sheet. If glass isn't preferred, check out our beautiful selection of porcelain pool tiles for a classic and timeless look.