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Pool Mosaics

Artistic Mosaics for Swimming Pools

Our stock pool mosaics are great for a variety of applications and will add life and distinction to your backyard oasis. For even more impact, order your mosaic pool tile designs with a shadow for exceptional realism.

Imagine a sea turtle in the deep end of your pool and when the wind blows across the water the turtle looks like it’s swimming.

How about a shark with shadow, or ray or dolphin that look so real your pool guests will hesitate – just a moment – before joining in on the fun.

It’s easy to add a little whimsy and your own personal stamp with these incredible lifelike pool mosaic tile designs. Hand painted or screen-printed, there are over 40 dozen mosaic pool tile designs from a variety of collections to choose from – everything from tropical fish and sea life to reef scenes, whales, mermaids and geckos.

There are swimming pool mosaic tiles that feature non-animals, too, such as mandalas, medallions, contemporary designs and pool party symbols. The fabulous Pool Party collection features Margaritaville-type pool tiles such as colorful flip flops, blue and red bikinis, men’s shorts, footprints, party drinks – even a hundred dollar bill.

And be sure to check out the tribal designs, engaging pool tile art representations depicting nature with minimalist lines.

Increase the aesthetic value of your new or refinished swimming pool. With these engaging pool mosaic tiles, beautiful tile becomes beautiful art.

Most of these incredible swimming pool mosaic tiles are frost proof; all are mesh mounted, ready to install and guaranteed for the life of the application.