Flat Stone Series Pebble Tile

15 products

15 products

Interlocking Flat Stone Mosaic Tile

Imported from Indonesia, this exquisite flat stone mosaic pebble tile collection features 18 different designs of mostly earth tones. Sold in sheets approximately 3/8” to 5/8” thick and measuring 12” x 12”, this collection of flat stone mosaic tiles can be used with sealer and color enhancer. Matte sealers are especially useful for a dry look. All of our flat stone tiles are suitable for exterior or interior use with a wide range of applications. The wide range of colors within our flat stone mosaic tile series allows you to select the one that best fits your design aesthetic.

Looking for a timeless update to your home’s décor? Then look no further than flat stone mosaics! Stone mosaics will never go out of style and are sure to make any area, exterior or interior, even more lovely and inviting to your family and guests. The delightful earth tones of the flat stone mosaics, combined with that perfect complementary shade of grout, can create a soothing and relaxing environment that keeps your feet, and eyes, firmly planted in nature. The flat surface of the stone mosaics makes this selection of tiles an ideal choice for a floor application, be it on your patio or in your shower; however, your placement of these stunning mosaics does not have to stop there! Get inspired and create that literal man or woman cave by adding flat stone mosaics to a wall or countertop.

Flat stone mosaics are available in all neutral shades and are sold “unsealed”. Colors can be enhanced or kept closer to their natural appearance; the choice is yours! All of our stone mosaics are pre-assembled and attached to a mesh backing for easy installation. And even better - the flat stone mosaics are interlocking! Create that seamless look you’ve envisioned of beautiful stones adorning your home’s interior or backyard oasis with a selection from one of our stone mosaics today.

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