Why Choose Epoxy Grout for Your Pool: A Comprehensive Guide

Why Choose Epoxy Grout for Your Pool: A Comprehensive Guide
by Jorge Goytisolo

Choosing the right grout is just as crucial as selecting tiles and hiring qualified professionals when building or resurfacing your swimming pool. Like building a house, a strong foundation is essential for a successful project.

At AquaBlu, we frequently encounter the question, "What's the best grout for pools?" The answer, undoubtedly, is epoxy grout.

We are a distributor for the worlds leading boutique grouting product line. Litokol grouting products are widely used and well-respected around the world not only for quality and performance but also for the aesthetic value they bring to any tile or mosaic tile installation. No other grout line has a larger impact on design. They offer a multitude of colors for tile matching or contrasting.

Here's a detailed explanation of why you should consider epoxy-based materials for your pool:


1. Unmatched Waterproofing:

Epoxy grout excels in preventing water from seeping between tiles and the substrate due to its waterproofing properties. This makes it ideal for wet environments like swimming pools. Unlike cementitious grouts, epoxy grout doesn't absorb water, preventing damage to your tiles.

Epoxy grout provides unmatched waterproofing

2. Long-lasting Durability:

Pool tile grout protects and enhances the appearance of your tiles. Cementitious grouts can deteriorate after a few years, requiring expensive repairs or replacements. In contrast, epoxy-based grouts, like our Starlike EVO with a 10-year warranty, can last significantly longer without issues. Additionally, epoxy grout is resistant to shrinking and cracking, making it the perfect choice for your pool tile installation.

Litokol epoxy grout is flexible providing the best crack resistance


3. Ideal for Glass Tile Pools:

Glass tiles, like car tires, expand and contract with temperature changes. This movement can cause cracking and chipping of the glass tiles or glass mosaic tiles if the grout isn't flexible enough. Epoxy grout's flexibility provides excellent crack resistance allowing the tiles to adjust while keeping them secure, ensuring your glass tiles stay beautiful for years to come.

Epoxy grout is stain proof and resistant to fading caused by UV rays and pool chemicals.


4. Stain and Fade Resistant:

Epoxy grout is stain proof and resistant to fading caused by UV rays and pool chemicals. Starlike EVO's vibrant colors come from fused colored quartz and glass aggregates, unlike the dyes used in cementitious grouts. This ensures a long-lasting, fade-resistant finish that keeps your pool looking fresh and new for years.

5. Enhanced Hygiene:

Starlike EVO grout boasts not only stunning aesthetics but also resistance to germs and mold, promoting a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. Unlike cementitious grouts, it's 100% non-absorbent, offering no crevices for bacteria to hide and grow. This prevents bacteria from spreading into the water, minimizing skin, eye, and respiratory irritation, and reducing the risk of infections.

6. Low Maintenance:

Epoxy-based grout is a low-maintenance option, requiring minimal upkeep. Cleaning is simple; a wipe-down with mild detergent is all it takes! Many homeowners even create a natural cleaning solution with dish detergent, water, and white vinegar. This makes it ideal for busy homeowners who value hassle-free pool maintenance.

Epoxy grout requires no sealing.


7. No Sealing Required:

Epoxy grout eliminates the need for post-installation sealing due to its non-porous nature. This saves time and money, as you won't need to purchase additional materials or pay for extra tile installation labor.

8. Wide Array of Colors:

The Litokol Starlike EVO collection offers over 150 color options, catering to diverse design preferences. No other company offers more colors. Epoxy grout's versatility allows its use anywhere in your home, from complementing a favorite piece of furniture to revamping your bathroom tiles with a stylish regrout. Additionally, Starlike EVO offers glow-in-the-dark additive options like Blue Denim EVO 340, adding a unique touch to your pool.

 The Litokol Starlike EVO collection offers over 150 color options.

9. Eco-friendly Choice:

Litokol, the manufacturer of Starlike EVO, prioritizes the health and safety of consumers and the environment. Their ZHERO Risk program ensures the entire Starlike EVO collection is eco-friendly. This translates to:

  • Ultra low VOC emissions
  • No strong odors
  • Non-corrosive and non-toxic properties

Litokol's commitment to superior safety for you and the environment aligns with AquaBlu's values.

ZHERO Risk program ensures the entire The Starlike EVO collection is eco-friendly.


In Conclusion:

With its superior waterproofing, exceptional durability, flexibility, stain and fade resistance, hygienic properties, low maintenance requirements, and diverse color options, Litokol epoxy grout stands out as the clear choice for your swimming pool. Whether you're using glass mosaic tiles, building an all-glass tile pool, or adding a stunning pool waterline, epoxy grout is the most reliable and safe option, ensuring you and your family can enjoy your pool paradise for years to come.

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