Vondom Pool and Outdoor Furniture: Modern & Sustainable

Modern and Sustainable Vondom Furniture
by Cristi Oramas

Outdoor living has become an extension of our homes. Choosing the right furniture is essential in creating an inviting and comfortable space. If you're seeking a blend of modern aesthetics, durable materials, and environmentally conscious practices, then consider Vondom pool and outdoor furniture.

Born from a passion for innovative design and a deep respect for the environment, Vondom has become a globally recognized luxury brand. It's synonymous with stylish and sustainable outdoor living. This article will explore what makes Vondom furniture stand out from other outdoor furniture brands. We'll explore their commitment to sustainability, their range of collections, and the creative minds behind their iconic designs.

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Vondom: A Story of Design, Innovation, and Sustainability

Established in Spain, Vondom's story is one of bold creativity and unwavering quality. What began as a small operation fueled by passion has blossomed into a global brand sought after for its cutting-edge designs. They create each piece with a vision: transform outdoor areas into expressions of personal style while remaining conscious of our planet’s well-being.

This dedication resonates through every aspect of their work, from the drawing board to their innovative manufacturing process. When purchasing a Vondom furniture piece, you can feel good knowing that they care about the environment just as much as they do about creating beautiful pieces.

A woman lounging on the Ibiza lounger by a pool overlooking the ocean.

The Vondom Revolution: Where Style Meets Sustainability

Vondom's commitment to minimizing their ecological footprint sets them apart. This commitment is most apparent in their Vondom Revolution line. Here, they employ recycled plastics from the Mediterranean Sea to create beautiful, durable furniture.

This initiative blends stylish designs with eco-consciousness, lessening their environmental impact without compromising quality or aesthetics. It's a prime example of how sustainability can be seamlessly integrated with stunning contemporary design. Their catalog features a number of incredible pieces perfect for accenting a space, whether it's coffee tables, console tables, or bar tables.

A woman sitting on an Ibiza chair surrounded by other pieces from the collection on the shore of the ocean.

Vondom Designers: Shaping the Landscape of Outdoor Living

One of Vondom’s strengths is its dedication to collaborating with renowned international designers. These collaborations give life to many styles, ensuring there’s a Vondom collection to resonate with different personalities and outdoor settings.

Here are a few examples:

  • Ramón Esteve, known for his minimalist yet warm approach, masterminds collections like the Ibiza, Vela, and Ulm lines. Each design evokes the relaxed sophistication of seaside life, where comfort and style seamlessly intertwine. The sleek designs are perfect for enjoying time in and out of the water.
Two portrait photos of Ramon Esteve in black and white.
  • Karim Rashid is a prolific designer whose influence extends far beyond pool furniture. This award-winning industrial designer has his hand in everything from everyday objects to luxury goods. With over 3,000 designs in production, Rashid's work is a testament to his creativity and ability to bridge the gap between functionality and art. His ingenuity is responsible for bringing the Surf and Voxel collections to life.
Two portait photos of Karim Rashid in black and white.
  • Eugeni Quitllet, an industrial designer who isn't afraid to push boundaries, has been instrumental in helping Vondom become a leader in the outdoor furniture industry. Inspired by drawing, sculpture, and archaeology, Quitllet's designs are known for their innovative spirit and playful touch. He is the creative mind behind some of Vondom's popular collections, including the Ibiza and Africa collections.
Two portait images of Eugeni Quitllet in black and white

Vondom's Iconic Furniture Collections

Vondom pool and outdoor furniture beautifully blend style, comfort, and functionality for versatile outdoor settings, from contemporary patios and modern pool decks to luxurious hotel rooftops. You can find just about every piece of outdoor furniture in their collections, including lounge beds, chaise loungers, and even patio tables.

The Surf pool lounger in a sun shelf.

Vondom In-Pool and Patio: A Focus on Aquatics & Leisure

Imagine lounging poolside in the Surf Chaise Lounge. This eye-catching chaise has clean, organic lines and a modern aesthetic, making it perfect for a sleek, sophisticated pool area. Vondom pool and patio furniture allow you to enjoy lounging in luxury with sleek sunbeds or hosting a lively poolside gathering with the help of stylish tables and chairs. While known for its fantastic poolside furnishings, don’t limit Vondom to just your pool area. Their patio furniture offers the same style, comfort, and practicality, extending the living space of any home. 

Additional notable Vondom collections include:

The Blow collection on a rooftop balcony over looking a luxury pool surrounded by lush greenery.
  • Brooklyn: The Brooklyn collection is the perfect blend of modern and classic design. These slender bar and counter stools are an elegant way to add functionality to your outdoor dining space.
A man walking down a set of stairs into a patio where a woman is sitting on a Brooklyn stool.
  • Stone: Mimicking the natural flow of pebble rocks, the Stone collection offers a modern, yet organic design that flows with the nature surrounding it. From sofas to chairs, tables, and even planters, there's no doubt this collection will complete any outdoor paradise. 
A woman sitting on the Stone chair in a garden, surrounded by all the other pieces in the stone collection.
  • Wing: The ultra-modern Wing collection features a unique table and barstool setup. The soft lines are reminiscent of the delicate wings of birds, combining together to create not just a functional dining space, but a true work of art.
The Wing table and barstools lined up on a deck overlooking the ocean.
  • Ibiza: Inspired by the laid-back luxury of Ibiza, this collection offers a range of pool loungers, outdoor chairs, and patio tables for an ultra-modern aesthetic. Imagine sipping a cocktail as the sun sets behind you on a comfy Ibiza chaise lounger.
A man diving into a pool. It has a pool hself with 3 Ibiza loungers and a woman in sun bathing in one.
  • Jut: Combining durability with a timeless look, the Jut collection provides minimalist pieces crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials ideal for various outdoor settings, especially modern or minimalist pool designs.
A woman sitting on a Jut lounger by the pool.
  • Faz: The unique Faz collection blends crisp, geometric shapes with functionality. It's highly customizable, featuring chairs, modular sofas, and planters, allowing you to personalize your outdoor space.
A luxury pool with faz loungers on the deck and a woman walking on the pool edge.
  • Pillow: The Pillow collection offers stylish and comfortable outdoor furniture that looks like plush pillows but is made from durable, weather-resistant polyethylene resin. This collection embodies the relaxed Mediterranean vibe and includes a variety of pieces to create your perfect outdoor haven, from reading nooks to poolside lounging. 
A woman sitting on a pillow pool lounger on top of a deck over looking the ocean.
  • Voxel: These unique angular pieces evoke a sense of modern art while providing convenient seating and tables. The Voxel collection makes a bold statement about modern design in your pool or patio. 
A woman sun bathing next to a pool on a Voxel Lounger.
  • Ulm: The sleek, simple lines and generous proportions of Ulm daybeds will have you relaxing on the patio in style. They create a relaxing and sophisticated ambiance.
A woman sitting in a Ulm daybed with a shade.
  • Spritz: Comfortable and chic, Spritz features pool lounge chairs and tables to bring effortless charm to any of your pool days.
A man sitting on a white sprits lounger and a woman standing in front of the rest of the collection except it's in black.
  • Africa: The modern, straight lines coupled with the organic curves of the Africa chaise loungers make this collection a truly one-of-a-kind piece. The large wheels on the back legs allow for easy transportation and storage. Better yet, they come in a set of 4 so you'll have one for every member of the family!
A woman with curly red hair sitting on a pool edge next to two white Africa pool loungers.

FAQs about Vondom Pool and Outdoor Furniture

What is Vondom furniture made of?

Vondom pool and outdoor furniture are primarily crafted from 100% recyclable polyethylene resin, a durable plastic. This material makes it ideal for withstanding various weather conditions and ensures that Vondom furniture can grace outdoor areas year-round. Vondom uses rotational molding to manufacture their products. Vondom is considered commercial furniture, but many homeowners enjoy the look of their pieces.

Where is Vondom furniture manufactured?

Vondom furniture is primarily manufactured in its state-of-the-art facilities in Benejida, Valencia (Spain). Their dedication to in-house production guarantees stringent quality standards. It reflects their passion for meticulous craftsmanship.

A woman with curly red hair sitting on a pool edge next to two white Africa pool loungers.
Key Takeaway: 

Vondom is a premium outdoor furniture brand that prioritizes design, sustainability, and quality. Their collections offer a unique blend of form and function, transforming your pool or patio into a luxurious haven. If you're looking for outdoor furniture that makes a statement and stands the test of time, Vondom is a brand worth exploring.



Vondom pool and outdoor furniture offers much more than beautiful pieces; it's an investment in a lifestyle. The brand’s ability to intertwine style and comfort while embracing sustainability makes them stand out in the furniture world. 

Regardless of your outdoor needs, whether a statement poolside chaise, a stylish table to have a drink around, or even a whimsical planter, a Vondom piece awaits. Their in-pool and patio furniture beckons us to make the most of life’s beautiful moments, surrounded by design, comfort, and responsible living. 

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