Litokol Starlike High Performance, Eco Friendly, Designer Grouts are Here!

Litokol Starlike High Performance, Eco Friendly, Designer Grouts are Here!
by Danielle Major

High fashion meets high performance with Litokol Starlike EVO epoxy grouts. Introducing six color collections, and five available finishes your design possibilities are now truly limitless.

Litokol Starlike grouts are highly recommended, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications including swimming pools, spas, kitchen backsplashes, and bathrooms. The product outperforms all competing brands, is easier to install sporting a smooth silky texture, is eco-friendly… and it does all of this while looking nothing short of amazing.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at some of Starlike EVO products:

1. Starlike Crystal EVO 700 – Color Adaptive Grout

The Crystal EVO 700 tile grout is a color-changing, translucent grout that absorbs the color of the surrounding tiles, earning it the nickname “The Chameleon Grout”. Accordingly, this makes it perfect for transparent and artistic glass mosaics.

translucent epoxy grout

On its own, the translucent grout has a neutral tone that will emphasize the color composition of the glass tile mosaic. When light hits the mosaic, the grout’s refractive properties allows it to blend into the tiles. Altogether, it keeps your mosaic looking cohesive and sleek with no distracting grout lines.

The Starlike Crystal EVO 700 by Litokol offers high compression and bond strength. It also delivers maximum stain, chemical and UV resistance making it ideal for wet applications such as pools, hot tubs and wet areas. No matter the application this color versatility and performance is perfect for a multitude of projects!

2. Classic and Glamour Series – High Performance in Every Color

Both the Classic and Glamour series offer a single-step method for any installation, as the epoxy grouting system doubles as tile adhesive and grout. It creates a simpler installation process, which can reduce labor costs.
Regardless, both series still maintain high performance with stain and crack resistance and high mechanical strength.

high performance grout

Specifically, the Classic series includes a range of warm and gray shades or your more “classic” grout colors. There is Bianco Assoluto EVO 100 for that classic white grout and darker shades, like Nero Carbonio EVO 145, that would contrast stylishly against lighter tiles.

In comparison, the Glamour series, as the name suggests, includes 15 fashionable colors to add some glamour to your tile mosaics. There are bright blues, like the Starlike Azzurro Caraibi EVO 320, that help create a beautiful blue pool color, and a even a great neutral shade called Chrysolite J28 to help contrast the color of your tiles. The wide range of colors provides options to create that perfect look and mood in any space.

3. Night Vision – Glow in the Dark Grout Collection

Light up your night with our special Night Vision additive that pairs with nineteen beautiful colors!

We also offer a selection of epoxy grouts that have the option of special additives for a truly unique finish. One of these special additives is our Night Vision pack, which makes the grout glow in the dark. For example, the Blue Zaffiro EVO 350 and  are just two tile grouts that can be paired with the Night Vision option.

blue glow in the dark epoxy grout

The Blue Zaffiro EVO 350 grout would add let your pool have a natural style  during the day then become an exciting look at night. Also, they would contrast well with any pool mosaics you may have.

For an interior application use of this grout, Grigio Seta’s gray would be a stylish and modern pick for your kitchen and would an interesting conversation starter when entertaining at night. 

4. Metallics – Metallic Luster and Shine

The Starlike Metallic Grout collection has shades of rust, bronze, copper, gold, and platinum that give your mosaic tile that metallic, shiny finish.

Like the other epoxy grouts mentioned, the Metallics collection promises high performance with its consistent coloring and maximum resistance to chemicals, stains, and UVs.

metallic grout

But specifically for the Metallic grouts, their unique style and sophistication adds a sleekness to your mosaic tiles. The Gold grout, of course, is an obvious choice to create a prestigious look, especially with a darker tile. However, the Rust Colored grout and its earthy tones have grown in popularity for their warmth and will bring shine to a room.

Indeed, grout is a major choice when planning your tile project, so it’s important to pick something that’s both high quality and uniquely fitted to your personality and style. All of the grouts mentioned above are high performance, eco-friendly, and designer, hopefully one of them stuck out to you as your favorite.


If you’d like to discuss buying one of these high-performance grouts or if you have any questions about these products, please reach out to our customer success representatives at 800-971-1442.