The Magic of Pebbles: A Natural Approach to Mosaic Tile

The Magic of Pebbles: A Natural Approach to Mosaic Tile
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Pebble tile mosaics are a popular decorative finish due to their durability, texture, range of color and many applications. They can be used indoors and outdoors on driveways, patios, steps, pathways, steps, swimming pools, showers, kitchen, flooring, fireplaces and countless other residential and commercial applications.

Installation is relatively easy and straightforward. They are mesh mounted in a patented interlocking pattern for a seamless pebble floor or wall.

Like their name implies, pebble tiles are tiles made up of small stones and pebbles. The stones often come from the islands of Indonesia like Bali and Java and of course other places too. Mined from the bedrock of these island mountains they are then separated by their individual size, thickness and color. 

Pebble tiles look amazing and work very well in different rooms. They can be used in a number of different ways depending on the finished look that you're trying to achieve. Pebble tiles work well in modern or more traditional rooms. The beauty of using pebble tiles, or stone mosaics, is that they are all natural and unique. Nobody else will have the same tiles in their home as you, because no two can be identical.

Another benefit is that pebble mosaic tile is cheaper than large natural stones such as marble, slate and granite. Many people also find pebble mosaics more exotic than the larger, pricier natural stones.

Typically, pebble tile can be found in three basic groups:

  • Standard – These are basic pebble tile mosaics that are round and uncut
  • Sliced – These tiles have pebbles that are cut so they are completely level and flat
  • Standing – Larger pebbles cut in half with the flat side on the bottom and the rounded side on the face of the tile

All three types of pebble tile may be polished or unpolished.

AquaBlu carries several different types of stone mosaics that are best suited for specific types of applications. Here’s a closer look:

Shaved Pebble Tile

AquaBlu offers 14 compelling shaved pebble designs each made from high-quality natural stone that can be used with sealer and color enhancer. Shaved pebble tile is outstanding on kitchen or bath countertops where you need a flat surface to rest plates, bowls, appliances or knickknacks without the risk of things spilling, falling or breaking.

Many people also enjoy the natural look and feel of sliced shaved pebble stone mosaics for a shower floor. This works especially well as a compliment to other natural features in your bath such as flowers, plants or artwork depicting natural scenes.

Flat Stone

Flat stone is another type of sliced pebble tile similar to shaved tile but the individual pieces are larger and have more of a stone or marble look. AquaBlu offers a large selection of flat stone designs, mostly in earth tones, which makes them the perfect design for outdoor use as patio floors or around barbecue or other entertainment areas.

People with fireplaces love flat stone earth tones like Sahara flat stone pebble tile for the hearth. Flat stone is also a nice touch for many other interior and exterior floor uses including getting creative with a man (or woman) cave. 


The hopscotch mosaic pebble tile collection is imported from Indonesia and features engaging flat natural stone pieces. We offer five designs in this mosaic pebble tile series: White Flat StonePure Black Flat StonePure White Flat StoneBeige Flat Stone and Black Flat Stone.

This tile has become a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes, countertops, patios and especially swimming pool and spa walls and other outdoor water features. The interlocking pebble tile mosaic pieces are particularly adept at capturing the exotic beauty of nature in this sophisticated natural stone.


Our pebbles series is a large collection of standard uncut pebble mosaic tiles that are often used where a flat surface is not necessary. They are commonly deployed for bath or kitchen backsplashes where something provocative as well as natural is desired.

Pebble tiles are fairly small and this makes them ideal for use as a kitchen backsplash. These are very easy to use and are designed by leaving space for the pebble tiles around the sink. Instead of the water splashing on wallpaper or onto the wall, the pebble tiles will collect the water and stop it from causing any harm.

Pebble tiles are very strong and durable. This means that they won't suffer because of the water. They're also great to clean, which makes it easy to wipe away grease, dirt and grime.

A wide variety of color combinations (like speckled, solid or mixed pebbles) helps with creative designs that compliment just about any kitchen or bath outlying features and themes.

The Taipei Green, Maui Turtle and Savannah collections can make for a very attractive and unusual shower floor. However, you should stand on a sample first to see if you’re compatible to the raised surface of standard pebble tile. Some people say standing on this kind of tile is like receiving a foot massage. Others don’t care for it.

Sea Glass

The Sea Glass series features eight designs with various combinations of rounded and flat natural stone pieces. These are nice choices for framing projects like select walls and niches where you might want to sparingly use pebble tiles while featuring glass mosaic tiles.

These types of projects look phenomenal and transfer an ordinary wall into a design that adds both enjoyment and value to your home.


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