by Mike Vitori

Expressing yourself through your home and all of its furnishings is something we all love doing.  We are constantly finding ways to customize our homes and optimize the layout so that it perfectly matches our personality and style.  Thanks to advancements in technology, homeowners are given a whole new opportunity to express themselves with custom printed tiles.

Printing Photos on Tiles

Once you are able to witness a custom tile photo mural in person, you might just start to understand what all the hype is about.  The tiling industry has been revolutionized by great advancements in digital glaze printing, which has now become one of the top methods of tile enrichment.  This innovative printing procedure has been significant to the point that there is expanding interest for this system beyond the home.

You are presented with plenty of favorable outcomes with photo tiles, for example, value, longevity, and obtaining quality and unwavering art beyond your initial expectations.  Photo murals provide practical photograph picture resolutions that adjust easily to client requests.  Photo tiles have provided countless unique works of art within homes, and are very much acknowledged as a medium of presentation for showcasing art and creativity.

Realized Potential

You will be amazed at all the things you can do with custom tile photo murals.  You choose a subtle design, or you can go with a look that resembles an art gallery in your kitchen or bathroom.  If you prefer a more natural look on your tiles, you can get rich, earthy tones printed on them to closely resemble the natural world.  The wide range of colors and detail allows for both realism and abstract opportunities; the only limiting factor here is what you can dream up for your bathroom and kitchen spaces.

Realism is achievable through custom tile photos, as the lines that separate each tile start to blur as a high-resolution photo is projected in front of the viewer.

Create your own Murals

You don’t need to be a great artist to get great results out of a custom printed tile mural.  Start with something simple, like a kitchen backsplash area.  Select a favorite photo, work of art, or an image from the catalog of a custom tile company.  You don’t have to do it all by yourself; experienced tile installers can show you how everything comes together and give you advice on how to take advantage of your personal space to create the best look for your home.

The best part about ceramic tile photo murals is that they are timeless.  You know they will last a long time and will not fade away like a standard picture or painting on the wall.  Submit your design today!