Murrine Mosaics Glass Tile: The Shimmering Star of Any Home

Tile Closeup: Murrine Mosaics Glass Tile
by Cristi Oramas

Old-school charm meets new-world style. That's what you get with the creative minds behind Murrine Mosiacs' approach to crafting glass tiles. Imagine walking into a room or dipping into a pool where every corner is alive with vibrant colors and light - that's the kind of change their tiles bring. Every collection is waiting to add an extra layer of charm and detail wherever you place it.

Checking out Murrine Mosaics? You're in for a treat where sophistication meets usefulness head-on. Think of glass tiles not merely as decorations but as windows into your personal taste and flair for artistry. Hang tight; we're about to dive into what makes this brand special and how you can use these exceptional tiles to transform your home.

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Opal Blends small rectangular tile on an accent wall. It's a blend of light cream colors, browns, and light shaded golds with an iridescent finish.

Stylish Glass Tile From Murrine Mosaics

When it comes to glass tile, the options are endless. The versatility of glass is unmatched by any other material. When properly installed, glass tile is the most durable and longest-lasting pool finish. Whether you're looking to accentuate your spa, adorn your pool waterline, or indulge in an all-glass tile pool, Murrine Mosaics has perfected the art of creating glass tiles that are specifically designed for pools and spas that will transform your pool time fun into an experience that’s even more pleasurable. Let's take a closer look at their collections:

The Reflections Glass Tile Collection

Much like your preferences in fashion or companionship, the design of your pool mirrors aspects of your individuality. Reflections glass mosaics craft a narrative through their use of hue and texture. These float-glass pieces present a range inspired by contemporary aesthetics—where the simplicity and precision of lines invite you to take a moment and breathe deeply.

Opting for the natural finish offers an air of sophistication and calmness, while selecting the mixed finish allows for a more striking statement through its combination of textured and sleek glass pieces. Your swimming area should be an extension of yourself, so find your reflection...and immerse yourself. The Reflections collection boasts 8 vibrant colors, 2 distinct finishes, and 3 unique patterns: the square mosaic tiles measuring 1-1/2" x 1-1/2", brick-sized tiles at 1-1/2" x 3", alongside the splash pattern option (seen in the image below).

Splash format glass tile in a beautiful infinity pool. It's surrounded by lush trees and green outdoor furniture.

The Opal Solids Glass Tile Collection

According to legend, opals are believed to bestow beauty, success, and joy upon those who wear them. In Europe, these gemstones have traditionally been seen as emblems of hope, purity, and truth. Drawing inspiration from the opal's mesmerizing color play, the Opal Solids collection presents a stunning range that melds color with opacity and surface texture for an iridescent glass finish that captivates the eye.

The Opal Solids lineup boasts 29 vibrant color choices ranging from dark and mysterious blacks to stunning and tantalizing greens and rejuvenating blues. There truly is something for every aesthetic in this vast collection. What's more, these glass mosaic tiles come in a compact size of 5/8" x 5/8". This small size offers a couple of exceptional advantages, particularly in pools and other areas that feature tight corners. Unlike larger formats, they rarely need to be cut to fit properly. 

Smaller tile means more grout lines. This can be a great advantage in two ways; for one, the grout lines help to break up the surface of the tile, allowing for better grip when installed on floors. This helps to provide a bit more slip-resistance giving you and your loved ones a little more protection. Second, grout lines offer an additional design opportunity to really let your personality shine! Take the Starlike EVO epoxy grout collection by Litokol. This collection offers a multitude of colors and finishes to highlight your tile and bring your tile design vision to life.

Rose colored tile from the Opal Solids collection in a kitchen. There is a tea pot and cup as well as some flowers to the right of the image. The left side features various confectionary items including cakes and pastries.

The Quartz Glass Tile Collection

The Quartz collection by Murrine Mosaics isn't just a collection of glass mosaics; it's an embodiment of power and elegance in design. With its monochromatic palette, the Quartz offers a spectrum of possibilities that cater to diverse aesthetic preferences. Whether you're aiming for a space that whispers tranquility or one that bursts with energy, the choice of color within this collection plays a pivotal role. From soft, muted tones that encourage introspection and calm to bold hues that energize and inspire, the Quartz collection can dramatically alter the ambiance of any room.

Moreover, there's something special about the Quartz lineup - each item sports a subtle speckle that really enhances its overall vibe. This unique feature creates effects reminiscent of clouds or wisps of smoke, adding an ethereal quality to the solid colors.

Available in ten captivating shades and two versatile sizes, these offset pattern tiles are perfect for those who appreciate symmetry with a twist. The 3/4" x 3/4" glass tile is a traditional staple for any part of the home. For lovers of classic elongated shapes, the 3/4" x 1-5/8" tile is an option you won't regret. Whatever your preference, the Quartz offers endless opportunities to craft spaces that reflect personal style while invoking powerful emotional responses through color and texture.

Light blue tile from the Quartz collection in the elongated shape. It's on the wall of a bathroom. There is white decor as well as a white pot with green and white flowers. A towel sits on the counter with a bar of soap and loofah on top.

The Tides Glass Tile Collection

Murrine Mosaics' Tides collection embodies the dynamic essence of water, offering unparalleled design flexibility. By merging vibrant colored glass with the tactile features from their Quartz line, it conjures images of seaside vistas and bubbling waters. Drawing inspiration from the ocean, sky, and land, these vivid blends inject striking color and character into any setting.

Available in eight diverse hues and two distinct dimensions— a staggered 3/4" x 3/4" tile and a brick pattern 3/4" x 1-5/8" tile—the Tides series promises to enliven spaces with its spirited palette.

small subway tile in a mix of dark blue, light blue, and white used in a kitchen backsplash.

The Aquarius Glass Tile Collection

If you're like us, when you were young you'd dream of embarking on a journey with a mermaid as she plunges beneath the ocean's surface, navigating through ancient city archways and gliding past legendary sea beings. Now you can capture the essence of this marine adventure in your own backyard with the Aquarius tile collection.

This series features opaque glass tile blends that conjure the enigmatic allure of the deep sea. By marrying matte and shimmering finishes, these tiles are designed to beautifully complement pools, spas, and various aquatic settings. The Aquarius collection offers an array of eight color blends that embody the beautiful iridescent shine found in the scales of fish to transform any water feature into an enchanting escape.

Better yet, at just 5/8" x 5/8", this tile collection is an ideal choice for an all-glass tile pool for its ease of installation in tight corners and around free-form pool shapes. With the Aquarius collection, you'll bring your childhood fantasies to life!

blue tile from the Aquarius collection. It's surrounded by tropical green plants.

Tile Applications and Ideas

Now that you're familiar with the Murrine Mosaics collections, let's talk about where to use them. Imagine the endless possibilities; here are a few favorites we wanted to mention:

Bathroom Shower Tiles

Glass tiles are a game-changer in the bathroom. They're water-resistant, easy to clean, and can create a spa-like atmosphere. We love using glass mosaic tiles for an accent wall in the shower or combining different colors and shapes for a unique floor design.  

A newer trend we've seen becoming increasingly popular is the addition of a tiled bathroom backsplash. Not only does it help to tie in the design elements in the space, but it acts as a protective barrier, keeping your walls clean from debris. Its ease of maintenance also makes it a more hygienic option than bare drywall. 

An angled shot of tile from Murrine Mosaics in light cream and amber installed in a shower wall.

Kitchen Backsplashes

The kitchen backsplash is a great place to experiment with glass tile. It's a minor space with the potential for major impact. Plus, glass tiles are easy to clean and maintain, which is crucial in a busy kitchen where spills and splashes are unavoidable. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where you and your loved ones laugh, cry, and share meals, making lifetime memories. Investing in the right tile for the space creates the perfect backdrop for all those unforgettable moments. 

The turquoise small subway tile from the quartz collection used in a kitchen. There is a light tan counter in front of it with yellow pots, tomatoes, and a spoon with tomato sauce on it to the right. To the left there is a clear vase with orange flowers. On the wall is a wooden board with an image of a dog and other little notes pinned to it.

Accent Wall Tiles

Whether you're looking to decorate a living room, hallway, or outdoor kitchen, an accent wall can completely transform any part of your home. Acting as a permanent artistic feature, it's a simple way to add some personal style to your space. Made popular throughout Europe, the trend of tiling complete walls has made its way into the US and is increasingly seen in high-end resorts, spas, and luxury homes. 

Black and white striped tile in an accent wall. There is a red wood and black chair in front of it with a matching side table. There are orange, white, and black plaid pillows to the right on the floor and a green plant next to them.

Outdoor Living Spaces and Swimming Pool Designs

Pool-rated glass tiles are a great choice for outdoor living spaces. Unlike glass tile for interiors, they are held to more stringent manufacturing standards, ensuring they hold up well against wear and tear and all sorts of weather conditions. Whether you want to decorate a beautiful water fountain feature or add a stunning accent wall to the space, Murrine Mosaic's glass tile is going to dazzle your guests for years to come.

A close up of beautiful turquoise blue tile from Murrine Mosaics.

Finally, let's talk about swimming pools. Glass tiles are a popular choice for pool designs because of their durability and ability to reflect light. They can be used to create intricate designs or to add a pop of color to the waterline. They're also commonly installed across the edges of pool steps, acting as a unique step marker that coordinates with the rest of your pool tile. 

As we've mentioned, there isn't a more luxurious swimming experience than one where an all-glass tile pool finish surrounds you. The way the tiles feel when coming into contact with your skin is infinitely more comfortable than that of a rough plaster finish. Coupled with the shimmering beauty of glass and the peace of mind of knowing you've opted for a strong, long-lasting finish, an all-tile pool will entice the senses and provide unrivaled relaxation.

An all glass tile pool finished with black iridescent tile by Murrine Mosaics. There is a row of lush bright green trees with beautiful vines to the left creating a natural fence. To the right is a light gray deck with light brown wicker furniture and a large patio umbrella.
Key Takeaway: 


Murrine Mosaics is a glass tile brand we confidently stand behind. They offer a multitude of collections that feature a vast range of colors, sizes, and finishes. From the Opal solid collection to the Aquarius collection, these mosaic glass tiles are sure to transform your home into your dream paradise. Whether you're looking for shower tiles, kitchen backsplashes, or tiles for your pool and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy for years to come.


In wrapping up our exploration of Murrine Mosaics glass tiles, it's clear that these pieces are more than just decorative elements; they're a testament to the artistry and innovation in modern design. Each collection, with its unique blend of colors, textures, and finishes, offers an invitation to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply personal.

Whether you're drawn to the serene beauty of the Opal Solids or captivated by the dynamic energy of Quartz blends, there’s something truly special about incorporating these glass mosaics into your environment. So if you’re looking to infuse your space with character and charm that stands the test of time, look no further than this exceptional range—where every tile tells a story and every pattern paints a picture worth cherishing.

Ready to start your glass tile journey? Let's make your dream home a reality. Call our AquaPro's today at (800) 971-1442 and Bring Paradise Home.