As the line between indoor and outdoor living continues to blur, homeowners are increasingly seeking ways to transform their outdoor spaces into cozy, stylish retreats. One of the hottest trends in contemporary outdoor design revolves around incorporating fire features into patio and pool surrounding areas. These features not only provide warmth on cool winter evenings but also add an inviting and captivating ambiance to your outdoor haven. In this blog, we'll explore the latest and most popular fire features that are setting patios and pool surrounds ablaze with style and functionality.

The Baja Fire Table: Sleek & Modern Design

The Baja Fire Table by The Outdoor Plus is a striking example of the perfect marriage between functionality and contemporary design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this fire table boasts a sleek and minimalist aesthetic that seamlessly blends into various outdoor settings.

Its rectangular shape, available in different sizes, makes it an ideal centerpiece for larger patio spaces or pool surrounds, where it can effortlessly accommodate gatherings and create an inviting atmosphere. The clean lines and smooth surfaces of the Baja Fire Table lend a touch of modern elegance, ensuring it stands out as a stylish focal point in any outdoor setting.

Equally impressive is the versatility of the Baja Fire Table, which offers both propane and natural gas options for fuel. The carefully chosen materials, combined with precise engineering, result in a durable and weather-resistant piece of outdoor furniture, making the Baja Fire Table a reliable and enduring addition to your outdoor space.

The Baja Fire Table in patio surrounded by chairs.

The Moderno 4 Fire Bowl: Simple & Functional Elegance

Enhance your outdoor oasis with the Moderno 4 Fire Bowl by Prism Hardscapes. Hand-crafted using a custom patina finishing process, these gorgeous gas fire pits are a one-of-a-kind feature sure to become the center of your and your loved one’s favorite memories!

With a substantial 48” diameter, the Moderno 4 Fire Bowl commands attention and serves as a bold centerpiece, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere with its impressive 65,000 BTUs of energy. Made of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), it’s lighter and stronger than standard concrete, ensuring durability to withstand the elements and become a reliable addition to any patio or pool surround.

Prism Hardscapes offers the Moderno 4 Fire Bowl in 6 colors, allowing homeowners and designers to customize the appearance to suit their individual preferences and design schemes. Whether you prefer the sleek sophistication of the Ebony, the earthy warmth of the Cafe, or the contemporary elegance of the Ultra White, there are color options to complement various outdoor styles. The availability of different finishes ensures that the Moderno 8 Fire Bowl can seamlessly integrate into diverse design themes, from modern and minimalist to rustic and traditional.

The Moderno 4 Fire Bowl

The Lombard Fire Feature: Fire & Water Unite

Transform your outdoor space into a luxurious retreat with the Lombard Fire & Water Bowl Feature by Prism Hardscapes. These stunning fire and water combination features not only serve as a unique accent but also elevate any pool and patio area, creating a resort-style feel right in your backyard. The Lombard Fire & Water Bowl is hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing a custom patina finishing process that ensures each bowl possesses a distinct and one-of-a-kind look. The marriage of fire and water in this feature brings a sense of sophistication and tranquility to your outdoor oasis.

The Lombard Fire & Water Bowl not only adds visual appeal but also contributes to a truly wonderful ambiance. As the flames dance atop the fire feature, the warmth generated combines harmoniously with the Zen-like sounds of running water, creating a multi-sensory experience. The unit operates on either Propane Gas or Natural Gas, providing ample heat for multiple people to gather around and enjoy the cozy atmosphere. The Lombard becomes the focal point of your outdoor oasis, offering both aesthetic beauty and functional warmth that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Available in 6 colors, it boasts clean lines and sharp edges, ensuring a modern and sophisticated appearance. With the Lombard Fire & Water Bowl, Prism Hardscapes has created a versatile and stylish addition to outdoor spaces, bringing a touch of luxury and tranquility to every gathering.

The Lombard Fire and Water Combination Bowl

The Coronado Fire Table: Rustic Style

Elevate your outdoor space with the 60" Coronado Rectangular Fire Pit by The Outdoor Plus, seamlessly blending the beauty of wood with the durability and low-maintenance appeal of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).

Meticulously crafted in the United States, these fire tables offer a contemporary design ensuring both style and resilience. The wood-look style, a trending choice, imparts a rustic and cozy ambiance to any backyard or poolside space, making it a popular addition to modern outdoor decor.

Each Coronado Fire Pit provides 65,000 BTUs of energy, creating a warmly lit ambiance for memorable evenings. Equipped with classic lava rocks as a standard feature, it brings a timeless touch to the fire pit. The GFRC construction ensures superior strength and flexibility, outperforming conventional concrete options. With the Coronado Rectangular Fire Pit, The Outdoor Plus delivers a striking combination of trending design and robust construction, offering a visually appealing and enduring centerpiece for your outdoor sanctuary.

The Coronado Fire Table

The Remi Hammered Copper Fire Bowl: Old World Charm Meets Modern Sensibilities

Make a bold statement in your outdoor space with the Remi 31” Round Fire Bowl. Crafted from hammered copper with distinctive tapered edges, this unique fire feature adds both elegance and warmth to any gathering.

The fire bowl, inclusive of high-quality lava rock, operates on liquid propane or natural gas, offering versatility with three ignition types. Elevate your pool or spa area with this luxurious fire bowl that effortlessly merges modern design with rustic charm, blending old-world charm with modern sensibilities.

Fire bowls are becoming a popular design feature, and the Remi Fire Bowl exemplifies this trend by seamlessly combining aesthetic appeal with functionality. The hammered copper construction not only evolves, developing a distinctive patina, but also adds character to the outdoor space.

Positioned by the pool, the Remi Fire Bowl becomes a focal point, providing both a visual spectacle and a warm, inviting atmosphere for unforgettable moments. With its unique design and practical versatility, the Remi 31” Round Fire Bowl is a must-have for those looking to enhance their outdoor oasis.

The Remi Fire Bowl

The popularity of fire features in backyards and pool surrounds has redefined outdoor living. The convergence of modern design and practicality reflects a growing trend in outdoor aesthetics. As these spaces evolve into personal retreats, the enduring allure of these fire features transforms ordinary backyards into inviting sanctuaries for gatherings and relaxation, all beneath the warm glow of flames.

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