Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with These 5 Tips

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with These 5 Tips
by Frank Vitori

Summer is here and you're probably excited about all the pool parties, BBQ’s and gatherings to come. But if your outdoor space has become drab and outdated, you might be hesitant to put on your host hat and get the party started. Not to worry, we’re here to help you transform your outdoor living with these 5 tips so you can enjoy your pool and backyard like never before! 

1) Upgrade the Look with Glass Pool Tile & Mosaics 

Are you looking to bring the WOW factor to your swimming pool? If so, you should consider upgrading to glass tile. Unlike the traditionally flat porcelain tile used in your waterline, glass tile sparkles and glistens in the sunlight. This is due to its iridescent and translucent properties which create a shimmering effect. Glass tile is available in a wide variety of formats, colors, and blends, and can even be customized. 

Today's hottest trend is going beyond just the waterline. Pool designers are actively steering homeowners to consider tiling their entire spa, making it an elegant focal point. They then carry the same tile throughout the pool, using it on the waterline, as well as accenting steps and benches.  

For those with a larger budget wanting the ultimate upgrade, consider tiling your entire pool in glass tile instead of a traditional plaster finish. Unlike plaster finishes, when installed properly, a glass tile pool finish can last a lifetime and offer the most dramatic effect possible. These mosaic masterpieces are also sometimes custom-designed using custom color blends and incorporating mosaic mural designs. The possibilities are endless. When considering an all-tile pool, it is important to buy your materials from a credible source, as well as take the time to find a professional, experienced tile installer.  

 Glass Mosaic Tile on Pool Spa

2) Add a Sun Shelf & In Pool Furniture to Create Shallow Water Fun 

Take your summertime fun to the max by adding a sun shelf to your pool. Coined the "ledge" by industry leader Ledge Lounger, these spaces are popping up in pools across America. 

In fact, over 90% of new swimming pools and remodels are now being designed with a sun shelf, and for very good reason. This design feature creates a shallow water area that provides a space for sun-lounging and relaxation and is also a resort-style upgrade to the design of the pool area.

For families with children, the sun shelf offers a safe, shallow water play zone for children while parents can observe and relax. It certainly is the perfect area for them to get acclimated to the water.   

This trending design feature has led to the development of a new in-pool furniture category that has been designed specifically for use inside a swimming pool. Notable manufacturers include Floating Luxuries, Tenjam, SR Smith, Vondom, and Ledge Lounger. Even better, these furniture pieces can double as outdoor furniture, bringing your patio space to the next level.

With so many manufacturers entering the marketplace it’s never been easier for homeowners to select a brand that is suited to their taste and style. From the iconic white sun shelf loungers of Ledge Lounger to the simple, bold colors and retro styling of Tenjam, there truly is something for everyone. 

 Sun Shelf with Ledge Lounger Pool Loungers

3) Install Easy to Maintain Porcelain Patio Pavers for The Perfect Deck Upgrade

Looking for a paver that looks amazing and doesn’t require constant upkeep? If so, look no further than porcelain pavers. The ideal alternative for pool decks, patios, and driveways, these pavers have been engineered to offer the look and feel of natural stone and wood without any of the drawbacks.  

Porcelain is an extremely durable, frost-proof material that stands up to the elements with ease. Unlike natural stone that should be sealed annually to protect from staining, there is absolutely no need to ever worry about sealing these pavers. They will not stain, fade, or discolor, and can be used in any climatic condition.

Porcelain pavers are also quickly and easily cleaned using a power washer. Furthermore, being a manmade product, these pavers are produced with an anti-slip finish and provide more consistency in color. 

Large format design is also trending, making these pavers a hot commodity. The most common formats are 24" x 24" and 16" x 32". If the application is for a swimming pool deck most manufacturers such as U.S. Porcelain Pavers produce matching modern edge coping in both 2cm and 3cm thickness.  

In many cases, porcelain pavers have matching interior tile. This is a game changer for designers as it is now possible to have a consistent look from the home's interior flowing seamlessly to the outdoor landscape. 

 Porcelain Patio Pavers as Pool Deck

4) Set the Mood with Fire & Water Features

Add a captivating ambiance to your outdoor space with a fire and water feature. There's a wide range of options to pick from including fire and water bowls, scuppers, and spillways that will add a touch of elegance and serenity to your pool or patio area. The combination of the soothing sounds of running water and the warmth and sultry look of an open fire will transform your outdoor area into a truly enchanting oasis.

Fire and water features come in many materials to suit any taste and style. For a rustic, natural look, a fiberglass-reinforced concrete bowl is a great choice. Stainless steel features offer a sleek, modern look. If you’re looking to add some old-world charm to your pool or patio area, a hammered copper option is the perfect fit.

A fire pit is also the perfect addition to bring family and friends together in any outdoor space. Whether it’s a cozy conservation area or a larger outdoor dining area, there are a vast variety of fire bowls and tables to enhance the functionality and comfort of your outdoor living space. 

Whether you have a pool or not, a fire pit is a must-have for creating life-long memories this summer. So, gather around your favorite, roast some marshmallows, and have fun! 

 Fire Features around a pool

5) Enhance Your Pool Time Fun with Luxury Accessories 

Spending some relaxation time in your pool is a luxury you work hard for, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than floating on an oversized pool float. The Laze Pool Float by Ledge Lounger is a fantastic addition to any pool. Made from premium marine fabrics, it’s built to last so you and your loved ones can enjoy them for years to come.

There are many other pool accessories such as high-quality pool noodles, hammocks, and pool caddies to take your pool fun to the next level.

No pool oasis is truly complete without the AquaBar floating pool caddy. Manufactured in the USA from premium materials, this floating bar is built to last. With the AquaBar you can snack and stay hydrated all day long without ever needing to leave your aquatic retreat! 

All your summertime fun means you’ll need to keep your pool fresh and clean for you and your loved ones to enjoy. With the addition of a pool robot, you can swim more and clean less! Automated in-pool robots do all the heavy lifting at the surface and on the pool floor so you don't have to, leaving you more time for fun and the things that matter most— family and friends.

The Ledge Lounger Laze Pillow in a pool 

These tips are sure to help you transform your outdoor living space into your dream oasis. Whether it’s a full remodel or just the addition of a new fire feature, we hope you create the area of your dreams and enjoy your space for years to come. So don’t delay, get started on your perfect outdoor living space today!

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