by AquaBlu Mosaics

Did you know that design and decoration can actually improve your quality of life?  Customizing a room boosts comfort levels, and the act of improving a designated space leads to enjoyment and feelings of accomplishment.  Custom mosaic design provides a way for customers to personalize their own vision and bring it to life.

Here is a detailed description of how to get started building your own designs with AquaBlu Mosaics today.

custom mosaic design by AquaBlu Mosaics - get inspired

Make your vision a reality by first exploring what kind of atmosphere you want to bring into your setting. If you are an admirer of nature or aquatic life, you can enjoy peace and tranquility through glass mosaic nature scenes in your living room, bathroom, or swimming pool.  You can also try adding customized glass or porcelain mosaics of one or more of your favorite animals. Other designs with rising popularity and availability include sports teams’ logos, family crests, emblems, slogans, album covers, garden themes, and many more. Think about what inspires you the most, and incorporate these ideas into your home design.

Where can you apply custom mosaic designs?

Custom mosaics can be applied to indoor and outdoor areas alike. They work perfectly well in pools, showers, interior walls, exterior building facades, kitchen backsplashes and more.


custom mosaic design by AquaBlu Mosaics - select image and style

Once you’ve been inspired, it’s time to find a reference that can be used for your custom design.  Customers are able to find images from a variety of sources. Google images, personal photographs, hand drawings, sketches, stock photography, Pinterest pins and many more sources can be used to find stunning mosaic designs. Try exploring websites like or for some inspiration.

*To achieve the best out of the custom mosaic design it’s recommended to provide good quality photos that aren’t heavily pixelated.

The next key step after you’ve chosen your image is to explore your distinctive style options. Maybe you have a preference to glass, porcelain, or you just want to know what works well with the vision you have in mind. Here are some of our different customization options.

  • Glass Mosaic Murals
  • Waterjet-cut Porcelain
  • Premium Hand-Cut Venetian Glass
  • Traditional Hand-Painted Ceramic
  • Digital Print Porcelain Tile Photo Murals
  • Digital Print Glass Tile Photo Murals


custom mosaic design by AquaBlu Mosaics - submit image and requirements

With a simple click process, we’ll have your vision at our fingertips. It’s as easy as that. Visit our Create a Mosaic page to complete this process. First, you’ll need to fill out the form with your name and e-mail address so we can contact you with further details.

You can either choose a design from our offerings or proceed to upload your own image or artwork. A brief description of your project such as colors and dimensions are required for us to prepare a quotation. However, any added information about your project will be useful.


custom mosaic design by AquaBlu Mosaics - receive a quotation

We typically respond to potential customers with a cost estimate within 2 - 3 business days. A digital rendering of what the mosaic will look like and/or a formal proposal can be made within a week. For any further questions regarding quotation details, please contact us at 800-971-1442 or


custom mosaic design by AquaBlu Mosaics - finalize your design

Before finalizing the design, we work diligently to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. This includes making any design alterations or modifications that the customer would like to see. We also work within various budgets to give customers their best-suited options, so feel free to first tell us your budget and we can work diligently to get you something beautiful, within your means.

custom mosaic design by AquaBlu Mosaics - receive your mosaic

Mosaics are delivered directly to your door, typically between 3 – 8 weeks. Already mounted on mesh backing, the mosaic design is all set and ready for installation. In the case of mosaic murals and photo murals, the parts are numbered so they can be easily pieced together. The size and complexity of the mosaic design as well as production location can impact the estimated time arrival of the final product.


We are a very resourceful company and put our best foot forward to guarantee quality and durability at an affordable price. With our custom mosaic design process, any customer can add a personalized touch to their home or business with just a few clicks of their mouse. They navigate each step of the design process, and we work with you to deliver high quality mosaics in a timely manner.