5 Trending Bathroom Shower and Floor Tile Design Ideas

5 Trending Bathroom Shower and Floor Tile Design Ideas
by Danielle Major

Most would agree that bathrooms, like kitchens, are one of the most important rooms in your home. It's the place where you come to unwind under a hot shower after a long day. The place that you pamper yourself, and where you spend intimate time with just yourself. It stands to reason then, that you'd want to transform your bathroom into your own personal paradise. We're here to help you do just that by recommending 5 trending bathroom shower and floor tiles designs!

1. Hexagon Tile Floor Design

Want to add a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom? Try incorporating the Matte Dark Grey, Flat Hexagonal glass tile into your design. This sleek, glass mosaic tile can help create a sultry, personal retreat you'll never want to leave. The unique geometric shape ads dimension to any space, while the matte finish keeps it simple and subtle. This tile can also be used on accent walls to add a decorative feature to any room.

dark black hexagon tile bathroom

2. Natural Stone Pebble Tile Showers

Pebble stone tile will bring the beauty of nature right to your home. From shaved pebble, to full round stone, this durable tile option is not only awe-inspiring, but will connect you with the part of nature that all of us crave. Safe to use as bathroom floor tile, or as the finish for your entire shower, you'll love the alluring look and feel of the natural stone and the pop of color added with the Ocean Glass collection.

stone pebble bathroom floor tile

3. Moroccan Fish Scale Tile Accent Walls

Fish scale tile, also known referred to as mermaid tile, has become a popular favorite for those wanting to add a touch of whimsy into their bathroom design. This tile comes in many finishes and colors, making it extremely versatile. Try the Matte Turquoise fish scale tile for a pop of color that's smooth to the touch. Maybe you're looking for something like the Carrara Grey 3D fish scale tile to add some dimension to your bathroom while sticking to a neutral color palette. Whatever your aesthetic needs, there is sure to be a fish scale tile perfect for your bathroom renovation!

 turquoise fish scale mermaid tile bathroom

4. Modern Glass Tile Showers and Floors

Another popular bathroom tile choice is creating a glass mosaic design. Glass mosaic tile comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but when you're looking for a sophisticated look, glass tile can be styled to look like stone, such as the Calacatta, or the Carrara Grey, is a great choice! The marble like veins running through the tiles add a touch of delicate opulence to any space. Perfect for a style yearning for clean lines and neutral tones.

carrera white tile floor

5. Custom Mixed Mosaic Glass Tile Showers and Floors

Let's be honest, with the number of tile varieties available, you can spend hours upon hours searching for just the right one. But what if you could just order exactly what you envision, and have it made just for you? That's exactly what we've been able to do for our customers, and it's become an increasingly popular option for homeowners around the country.

Whether you're looking for a gradient of several colors, a mosaic mix of 3-5 colors, or a funky color mix you just can't find anywhere, we can make your dream bathroom tile a reality.

Made safe for shower and bathroom floors, accent walls, or any other project for that matter, our custom tile mixes are made right here in the USA, just for you. Talk to one of our AquaPros and tell them what you're envisioning and we can make it happen!

custom mosaic tile shower

And of course, we can't forget one of the most important parts of turning your dream bathroom into reality...the perfect grout!

With over 200 different colors and multiple additives to choose from, we have the best collection of grouts and adhesives to complete your perfect tile look. After all, you can't expect the best results without the best materials and the Litokol brand one of the best in the business.

Not only do we offer the stunning Starlike EVO grout collection, but we also offer the coveted, high-performance tile adhesive, the Litoelastic EVO. No matter what your project, AquaBlu stands behind these products. We recommend them to help create your bathroom paradise both visually and for quality. 

epoxy grout colors tile floor

What our customers are saying about our floor tiles

 "We love this tile. It is beautiful and just what we wanted. We used the translucent grout and it picks up the surrounding color, just as advertised.

Quick delivery. Outstanding product. Tile looks just like it was represented on the website when we ordered it. Translucent grout is great too.!" - Lucinda Gardner | Verified Buyer

bathroom floor tile