by Danielle Major

Picking the right pool waterline tile is essential for creating the perfect aesthetic for your backyard oasis. It’s the finishing piece that ties together your entire outdoor space.

Moreover, your pool waterline serves a very important, practical purpose; it prevents dirt, pollen, body oils, and any other scummy debris that ends up in your pool from building up around the perimeter of your pool. But with so many options, where do you start your search? To help you get started, we’ve compiled 5 pool waterline trends for 2022.


One very popular trend this year is the use of a small-format mosaic pool tile to cover the waterline. Traditionally used in all-glass tile pools, many customers are taking advantage of the dynamic, awe-inspiring looks created by smaller tile for their waterlines. Take the Blue Copper Blend, ¾” x ¾” glass tile. glass tile for pool waterlineEmbodying many of the blue tones of the ocean streaked with shimmering streaks of light copper, this popular glass pool tile is one of our longest running best sellers. Its uniquely small format is easy to fit in even the tightest corners, making installation a breeze for any part of your home. In addition, its small size creates the illusion of a longer waterline, a feature frequently found in high-end pool and spa designs. 

Another popular small-format tile is the Azure, 1” x 1” glass tile. This stunning tile is perfect to accent your pool or spa. Its gorgeous mix of smooth translucent chips and textured iridescent pieces creates a truly dynamic, color changing look. 

glass tile spa and waterline

The selection of small-format tiles is almost limitless. Between the different colors, textures, and sizes, there is something for any backyard aesthetic.


Can’t make up your mind on what size tile you like best? Consider a mixed-format glass tile. The best of both worlds, there are many options consisting of various shapes and sizes of tiles. Take for instance, the Aqua Mixed, mosaic glass tile. This gorgeous, brushed tile features calming aqua tones with light streaks of amber. Consisting of 2” x 2” and 1” x 1” tiles, you get a truly engaging and intricate look that will make anyone take a step back and look!

mixed format glass tile for waterline

Mixed format mosaics aren’t the only hot trend this year when it comes to uniquely shaped tiles. Large format designs such as the Cobalt Pool Waveglass 6” x 12” glass tile are in high demand! Reducing the amount of grout lines visible, this style of tile creates an elegant perimeter around your pool waterline. 

blue waterline glass tile


Leaning on more of a traditional style, using porcelain deco tile has become a big hit amongst pool owners that prefer the more traditional look of porcelain tile. There are many styles and shapes of Deco tile, and you have the option of using it in combination with another deco tile, as an accent to a simpler tile, or even entirely around the perimeter of your pool!

Take the Sapphire, 6” x 6” Deco porcelain tile. This extremely popular porcelain pool tile comes in a beautiful deep blue, reminiscent of the blue found in the sapphire stone. This makes it a beautiful choice to contrast against the colors found outside around your pool area. As you can see in the photos below, using it all the way around your pool provides a stunning classic look, while matching it with another, smaller deco tile, creates a truly unique spin on the same traditional style. 

porcelain waterline tile blue

Diamond patterns aren’t the only style of Deco tile available. From riveting waves patterns to distinctive floral and baroque styles that blend an array of colors and textures, there is truly something for everyone in Deco porcelain pool tile.

porcelain pool tile


Deco style pool tile isn’t the only trending porcelain mosaic tile in 2022. Another extremely popular trend is the use of patterned waterline tile. Instead of using grout lines to create patterns through the tiles, patterned pool tiles are adorned using a special paint and then sealed and kiln fired to ensure its guarantee for the life of the application.

porcelain waterline tile

Because of this process, you’d be hard-pressed not to find something in any color and style imaginable! For instance, the Seville, 6” x 6” porcelain pool tile is very popular amongst homeowners for its modern twist on a traditional Mediterranean style. Featuring ornamental patterns made with thick, white lines contrasting against a beautiful dark blue, this is one pool tile that gets everyone talking!

Modern-style patterned pool tiles are trending this year as well. Take the Martia, 6” x 6” porcelain pool tile. Sleek sharp lines paired with simple florals help make this impressive porcelain pool tile stand out. By far our most popular patterned tile, the Martia has consistently been one of our best-selling pool tiles for those wanting a modern take on a traditional look!patterned porcelain waterline tile



Fun for the entire family; it’s no question why glow-in-the-dark pool tile has become one of the most trending options for pool waterlines! Used as an accent or throughout the entire waterline, this tile looks gorgeous during the day and will surprise your guests at night! Take the Fireglass, Light Blue 1” x 2” glass tile. This lustrous tile is perfect for a sleek, modern aesthetic during the day, and will provide an unexpected contemporary mood when the sun goes down. 

Glow-in-the-dark tile is also commonly used as a step marker, making it not only a great choice aesthetically, but a practical one as well. Whether you sprinkle them throughout an all-glass tile pool, decorate your waterline with them, or accent your pool stairs and Baja shelfs, this is one trending tile we can get behind!

glow in the dark waterline tile Your pool and outdoor space reflect your own personal style. Whatever your preferred aesthetic, picking the right waterline tile for your pool can make the difference between having a drab space or creating your dream oasis. With so many options available, rest assured, your perfect pool tile is out there, and we’re on a mission to help you find it. Contact one of our experts and start creating your own paradise today!