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$ 11.88 per sheet
(Price per sqft: $ 11.00)
$ 21.60 per sheet
(Price per sqft: $ 20.00)
$ 37.80 per sheet
(Price per sqft: $ 35.00)
$ 21.60 per sheet
(Price per sqft: $ 20.00)

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TREND Group Glass Mosaic Tile for Swimming Pools and Home Interiors

Since 2000, TREND has been a leading producer of quality color glass mosaics, Venetian enamel, and 24k gold leaf tesserae. TREND Group has demonstrated a unique ability to harmonize traditional Italian glass making techniques with cutting edge designs and technology. TREND glass mosaic tile products are frost proof, impervious to liquids, and are an excellent choice for all-tile swimming pools, spas, kitchens, bathrooms, interior walls, and any other living space that could use a touch of vibrance and sophistication. Choose TREND glass mosaics for your next project, and indulge in quality that is both elegant and timeless.