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Glass Mosaic Tiles for Pools, Kitchen and Bath

With the largest online selection of glass pool tile, we offer a variety of styles perfect for any space and aesthetic. Whether you're looking for eye-catching pool waterline tile, or something unique like our fish scale tile for a shower wall accent, we have something for everyone. 

Our Vidrepur glass mosaic tiles are manufactured in Spain from 99 percent recycled glass and are also a great choice for environment-conscious customers looking to leave as little of an eco-footprint as possible. Many of our other tile options are made from recycled glass. Help protect the environment and create the dream look for your perfect paradise.

Top-rated selection of glass tiles

glass mosaic tile waterline

We offer hundreds of mosaic tile designs that have been hand-picked for quality, durability, and suitability for both interior and exterior applications, including submersion in water. Some of your choices include glass tile sheets with balanced 1” x 1” or 2” x 2” chips, brick shaped with 1” x 2” or 1” x 4” chips, chips of mixed sizes and fascinating hourglass and other distinctive shapes and patterns, such as fish scale tile and herringbone tile. New additions to the catalog include some beautiful options of glass subway tile for sale.

Trying to create the perfect kitchen backsplash? Check out our newly-curated kitchen tile collection! For the perfect glass tile waterline or all-glass pool, head to our pool tile page for some excellent options. Our products are durable, beautiful, and guaranteed to add vibrance and character to any space. 

Frequently asked questions about Glass Tile

Can any glass tile be used in a pool?

Yes, most glass tiles can be installed in a pool, as long as it's pool rated. While most glass tiles can be used for interior applications, not all glass tiles can be used in a pool. Pool tile is specialty made to withstand the elements and is held to higher durability standards than regular glass tile. That said, glass pool tile is safe to use indoors and outdoors for just about any application and fortunately, all glass tile that AquaBlu carries is rated for pools! 

How do you install glass mosaic tiles?

Most of the glass mosaic tile we offer comes mounted and ready for installation in one of two ways: face-mounted on paper or plastic, or mesh-mounted. Both of these mountings allow for easy application and follow TCNA guidelines for adhesion. We recommend you check the product page for specific installation instructions, or contact our AquaPros for more information. It is also recommended that you contact a qualified, licensed professional to assist you with the installation. 

Can you install glass tile without grout?

No, all tiles should be properly grouted to ensure a successful installation and long term durability. Grout helps to create a bond that strengthens the tiles and holds them together. It also prevents the edges of the chips from chipping and cracking. Even if you have very small joints, you should always grout your tile. For those who want to maintain a translucent appearance, we offer our EVO 700 translucent epoxy tile grout.

What our customers are saying about our glass tile

glass tile pool finish

"Gorgeous tile with beautiful iridescence. Loved working with this material! The experience was professional and on time. The deliveries were prompt and the customer services was A+!" - Julie D. | FL, USA "

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