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$ 18.35 per sheet
(Price per sqft: $ 18.35)
$ 18.35 per sheet
(Price per sqft: $ 18.35)
$ 8.93 per sheet
(Price per sqft: $ 8.27)
$ 19.58 per sheet
(Price per sqft: $ 19.58)

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Glass Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Glass Tile for Pools, Spas, and Interior Spaces

Mosaic tile has been around for thousands of years, and what was once reserved for royalty is now easily accessible to everyone. Mosaic glass tile is perfect for swimming pools, spas, kitchen backsplashes, showers, interior walls, and more. With so many colors and finishes of glass mosaics to choose from, now is the time to make a statement on your next home upgrade with a look that is both fashionable and timeless.