Wrap a Big Red Bow Around These 7 Great Mosaic Tile Products

Wrap a Big Red Bow Around These 7 Great Mosaic Tile Products
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Here’s a Christmas Wish List that will beautify your home and pool during the holidays and beyond. 

Looking for something other than pretty clothes, jewelry and electronic devices this Christmas? How about adding something to your Christmas Wish List that will bring joy to a room or pool all year long and add value to your house?

Get happy this Christmas and stay that way with glass mosaic tile. Glass tile is the perfect stocking stuffer--OK, it would take a pretty big stocking—but you get the idea. Glass mosaic tile is trendy but also classic. And there’s a reason for this:

Glass tile is simply dazzling. Mosaic tile tends to catch and reflect light in a compelling, luminescent fashion, which brightens up even the dimmest areas including kitchen or bath backsplashes, showers, walls, niches and those spaces beneath overhanging wall cabinets.

The design flexibility of glass mosaic tiles easily impart a decorative look to any setting. Because of the wide selection of colors and styles, glass tiles fire up creativity. They may be used in large expanses or even smaller stretches like frames and borders to create ornamental accents.

An interesting display can be created by combining glass mosaic tiles with other materials like stone to contrast the textures and luminosity of the different materials.

Glass tile is also one of the easiest surfaces to clean, making it a natural for backsplash areas and showers. And they are environmentally friendly, made from recycled glass.

As a swimming pool tile, the visual properties of glass are responsible for tile’s charming luminous quality which draws the eye. Add to that all the integration possibilities like a metallic shimmer, luminescence or mirrored for special effects.

The light reflective properties of glass and the possibility to regulate its transparency allow these tiles to be integrated with lighting for dramatic effect.

By day or night, glass mosaic tiles add zest and cheer to the holiday– and every day of the year.

Consider these seven mosaic tile Christmas gifts that you can enjoy for many years to come: 

Herringbone Glass Tile

blue herringbone glass tile

Herringbone’s sophisticated zigzag pattern was named after a noted similarity to the herring’s skeletal structure. Similar to chevrons, herringbone tiles are arranged on an angle. But while chevrons maintain a continuous up-and-down flow, the edges in a herringbone pattern are staggered. Herringbone tile patterns provide an alternative to typical flooring and backsplash designs.

Using a herringbone tile pattern is a great way to modernize a kitchen or bath backsplash. And while a variety of colors and styles are available, we think our blue and gray Wave zigzag is particularly compelling.

Moroccan Fish Scale Mosaic Glass Tile

vidrepur soul collection fish scale tile

Clean, modern and sleek, Moroccan fish scale tile was inspired by the glistening movement of the gently rolling sea. Particularly popular in showers and bathrooms, these Moroccan fish scales are just as beautiful and striking in a kitchen or entry. This fish scale tile can be installed in all directions for stunning effect, helping create a personal oasis.

Fireglass – Glass Mosaic Tile That Glows

vidrepur fireglass glow in the dark tile

If Santa runs into inclement weather this year and the availability of Rudolph and his bright nose is uncertain, there’s always Fireglass mosaic tile that glows in the dark to lead the way.

Vidrepur’s Fireglass glass tiles (made from 100% recycled glass) are both fun and practical. They can be used on walls, backsplashes, countertops, floors and in pools. As a bathroom backsplash or accent, they can help you see in the dark if you need to get up in the middle of the night. As a swimming pool tile they add an extra dimension of awe and wow during a mid-summer night swim.

Arabesque Glass Tile – Make A Statement

hirsch make a statement glass tile

Arabesque glass mosaic tile’s exotic hour glass shape winks to ancient times but easily fits into modern design. This glass tile's ornate intertwining lines can crisscross over a feature wall, backsplash, or fireplace surround to balance popular streamlined designs.

Applying colored arabesque glass tile patterns you can quickly develop a room’s persona and style. Spicy, bright hues are especially effective at energizing a kitchen. 

24K Yellow Gold Mosaic Tile

24k gold tile

Anyone remember Goldfinger, the man with the Midas touch. Well, you don’t have to be James Bond to get involved with our resplendent gold mosaic tile. This glass tile is pure treasure. Used sparingly, gold glass tiles expertly serve as a highlight for a particular area or feature. Create a feature wall or panel in a bathroom or shower, or a backsplash behind a sink to create a sense of luxury. If you’re feeling bold, go all-out and use wall-to-wall gold mosaic glass tiles to create a dramatic effect with the added benefit of bouncing light around the space.

Silver Iridescent Glass Tile

vidrepur aura silver glass tile

Shimmering, shiny, sleek silver glass tiles would be Christmas ornaments if they weren’t tiles.

In spite of the shine factor, silver is actually an excellent neutral pairing with a huge range of colors and works as a stunning backdrop. A silver glass tile backsplash can help create the illusion of extra space. Silver iridescent glass tiles also lend themselves to combinations such as silver mosaic tiles combined with stone or metal for a real depth of texture.

Arrecife Blue Glass Tile

blue 2x2 glass tile

In Spanish, arrecife means reef – an appropriate name for these gorgeous aquatic patterned glass mosaic tiles. Both the blue and the green arrecife glass tiles are known for creating a calm, relaxing environment. This makes these glass mosaic tiles perfect for shower walls or bathroom backsplashes. Reminiscent of a day at the beach, arrecife glass tiles are also popular choices for swimming pool waterlines.


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