White is Bright: White Mosaic Tile Application Ideas

White is Bright: White Mosaic Tile Application Ideas
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Trends in tile will come and go, but white mosaic tiles will always be right on the money. Both white glass tile and white porcelain tile are soothing and classic, and make a statement regardless of design.

Additionally, white tile has a look that is clean and timeless. It can dazzle and command attention or it can cede it by playing a supporting role to other strong features in a design space.

White tile is the right tile just about anywhere: walls, floors, niches and pools.

Here are a few ideas on how to use white mosaic tile to brighten a space that will always feel comfortable and inviting:

White Tile for Bathrooms

Your bathroom can be big or small, colorful or quiet—but one thing it should always be is deeply relaxing. After all, it's more than just a room, it's the place to which you escape to prepare for the day and unwind when it's done.

So why not design it carefully, thoughtfully and with well-considered details? All-purpose and always flattering, there's everything to love about white bathroom tile.

Crisp white walls, complete with a white tub and vanity, provide the perfect setting for creative homeowners to experiment.

Think too much white is boring? It doesn’t have to be. Touches of color make a white bathroom even more inviting. For a refreshing pop of color that isn't too permanent, place a vase of flowers or sprigs on the vanity. You can also install brass hardware, which adds a contemporary look as well as contrast.

Little bursts of color such as a cheery shower curtain, rugs, and towels become instant focal points in a white bathroom. These accessories are also easy to swap out, which makes a change in color scheme a snap.

Then there’s the mirror effect. Adorn a small bathroom featuring white tile with multiple mirrors to make the space look larger. Mirror-front cabinets conceal cramped quarters, resulting in an open, shimmering bathroom. Even a few colorful accessories, such as rosy pink hand towels pack a big punch against the creamy backdrop when they are reflected.

A glass tile bathroom emphasizing white tile in a glass shower can be especially striking. A little contrast can also be added here with teal or similar cool colors built into the wall of white in dabs or long horizontal lines framing the white mosaic glass tile. 

White Tile for Kitchens

Mosaic tiles are a key part of kitchen decorating, not only for practical reasons but they are a great way to add a little personality to the house area where you, your friends and family will spend the majority of time.

White tile walls, under/over counter spaces and backsplashes are an excellent choice since you’re likely to see them from the minute you wake up for coffee all the way through late night snacks. With white, your kitchen tiles will never become a too-much-in-your-face issue. And they don’t have to be boring with all the different styles and patterns available.

Take pure white subway tile. Though they date all the way back to 1904 and were made for New York City's public transit system, subway tiles are as popular as ever in designer kitchens. They're durable, classic, endlessly versatile and insanely affordable.

For a geometric effect, consider veering away from the traditional grout choice of white. Using a darker tile grout will make white subway tiles really pop.

Herringbone is another great classic white subway tile pattern – like our Snowfall selection -- for the kitchen area. Placing white subway tile in a herringbone zigzag pattern adds considerable interest and style to any kitchen.

White glass mosaic tile makes for an exceptional design element. Glass tile kitchen backsplashes have a cool, sophisticated look. The reflective surface of glass returns light and brightens the kitchen. Also, glass is naturally non-porous so it never needs to be sealed.

White Tile for Floors

White tiles reflect light in a pleasing way and guarantee a brighter floor than any other color. White ensures a well-defined sense of space and makes a room seem larger. This always up-to-date color appears in various degrees of white from pure to crème to off-white. White kitchen floors are especially compelling when contrasted with darker kitchen cabinets ranging from light gray to taupe or even brown.

A white tile is also a popular bath option. In smaller bathrooms, don’t overlook an alternative pattern such as white arabesque or a printed pattern like AquaBlu’s Mizar Grigio. 

White Pool Tile

When it comes to pool tile ideas, there’s a lot to be said for white mosaic tile. White tiles as a waterline or even covering the entire pool plaster gives give you the feeling of cool clear water --very appealing on a hot summers day. It’s also a clean, crisp look that contrasts well with all types and shades of coping used around your swimming pool. 

When you choose white tiles for your pool you can style the other design choices you have to make with pavers, fencing and landscaping in general to either continue the light bright color or contrast it by using dark pavers or timber and planting deep green foliage plants behind retaining walls.

White mosaic tile is a favorite of resorts and hotels for their spas and pools because the reflection of white tile turns water an attractive light blue.

Black and White

White tile contrasted with black tile is a simple design yet surprisingly classic in a minimalist way. Despite the high contrast, it’s still as versatile as any other color combination. The juxtaposition is the reason we love black and white -- it can toe the line between masculine and feminine, modern and nostalgic, bold and subtle.

The overall feeling of a black-and-white tiled space is all about the thoughtful touches. Get creative with all the patterns, shapes and styles available in black and white tile. The possibilities are truly exciting!


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