by AquaBlu Mosaics

Pools are great to have on their own merits of being one of the best and most reliable ways to cool down during these extended summers. If you’re looking to get that luxury quality swimming pool life without the luxury quality price tag, you might be interested in installing glass tiles for an impressive and beautiful face-lift.

Accessible Luxury

Glass tiles are equally durable to many other building materials, but with a vibrancy and flair that goes unsurpassed. Glass mosaics open up a new opportunity for creativity with varying levels of transparency and reflectivity. All of this comes at no cost in durability and with improved longevity. A professionally installed glass mosaic pool surface is nearly impervious to fading, blemishes, and corrosion of any kind. Upkeep is consequently made easier for homeowners, too.

Glass mosaic tiles can be placed in the most creative and unique applications for your individual swimming pool needs. You can lay them seamlessly in and around your pool, along walls, seating, and even incorporate them into lighting for an absolutely stunning and vivid display that you would normally find at a Vegas hotel resort, rather than a personal backyard.

Cost and Execution

Because of the nearly limitless possibilities and advanced customization options for glass tiled pools, it can be challenging to try to find a low-budget solution, so you may still want to treat this as a luxury investment. A basic glass tiled pool of one color or design may be affordable, but once you decide to incorporate custom designs and complex mosaics for multiple surfaces, you can quickly exceed your original estimate that you had in-mind.

Because glass tiles have grown to be so popular, though, there has never been a better time than now to invest, with numerous pool service providers specializing in glass tiles and the availability of such a diverse selection of tile mosaics to choose from.

Additional Considerations

Glass tile can sometimes be difficult to install, so it is very important to find a qualified glass installer with experience. When choosing a grout, follow the tile manufacturer recommendations as some sanded grout may scratch the surface of the glass. Glass tile is naturally stain-resistant and can be chemically washed to remove lime, calcium, or other residue. Do not bead blast an all-glass pool as it may damage the surface of the tile.