Upgrade Your Home with Stunning Mosaic Tile for Kitchens, Bath, and Pool

Upgrade Your Home with Stunning Mosaic Tile for Kitchens, Bath, and Pool
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Rooms in your house looking a little drab? A fresh coat of paint always helps, but why not go a step further and do something that will not only spruce up those tired looking rooms, but also add character, express artistry and give you the opportunity for unlimited creativity.

In other words, why not give mosaic tile a shot?

Mosaic tile adds gorgeous, intricate designs to any room, and it’s extremely versatile, too. Mosaic tiles can be made from stones, real pebbles, glass or porcelain ensuring you can achieve that special dream personalization that simply can’t get there with paint.

Glass tiles are especially useful for achieving a unique look because they come in many different colors, sizes and finishes.

Truth is, mosaics have long been used as a creative way to piece together an elaborate work of art or pattern. The term mosaic essentially means a design that is comprised of many smaller pieces of tile.

From an interior design standpoint, it’s hard to argue that there’s a more alluring material for your home than mosaic tile. Whether you’re looking for a style that will help bring the room together, or want to make an area of your house stand out above the rest, installing mosaics can help put an exclamation mark on your decorative plans. Mosaic tile offers ample opportunity to create a distinct tone and look that’s destined to last you for many years.

Other key reasons to incorporate mosaic tiles into your home decor:

  • Energy Efficiency -- Mosaic tiles ultimately provide the most practical way to sustain the level of heat within the interior of the house. Mosaic tiles made with glass are known for their slow energy transmission rate; absorbing energy during the day and transmitting heat slowly during the night.
  • Cheap Maintenance Costs -- Mosaic tiles consist of one of the most durable and low maintenance decorative methods out there.
  • Versatile Nature -- Mosaic tiles can be used anywhere perfectly adapting to any surrounding within your home. Options are truly unlimited.

While any room can benefit from compelling mosaics, here are some tips to help you get started in the three most common upgrade places:


Tired of doing dishes and looking at an old backsplash with yellowed grout? Has your favorite gathering spot become a place you rush guests through? Concerned that potential buyers in the future will be turned off by your kitchen’s shabby or dated appearance?

Here’s the perfect opportunity to change out a battered tile kitchen backsplash with sparkling new glass mosaic tile. Having decor in your kitchen that makes you feel good is important because most people spend much of their time in their kitchens, cooking, eating, entertaining and talking with friends and family.      

Mosaic tiles on countertops and as creative backsplash designs will undoubtedly add new charm to your kitchen. Glass subway tiles, for example, are still a very popular kitchen mosaic tile for its clean, timeless look.

Lilies, as way of illustration, is a mint green subway tile from Aquatica that looks dazzling as a backsplash and  under cabinets – especially white cabinets. If your sink is in an island location, you can use Lilies there too as an island countertop.

Most homeowners opt to cover kitchen walls from countertop to cabinets. But the beauty of using mosaic tiles is that there are no rules. If you really want to gobble up the attention consider complimentary mosaics that not only go countertop to cabinets but beyond – with a topping layer of tile from the cabinets to ceiling.

Remember that neutral tones will make the kitchen feel bigger and brighter to you and potential buyers. 


Glass mosaic tiles are an easy way to update your bathroom without completely renovating the whole room. A new bathroom design adds a new dimension.

Tiled bathrooms can be simple but effective. Colored block mosaic tiles can look especially sophisticated and modern mounted on bathroom walls or even floors. Alternatively, patterned tiles will give an ornate, vintage look and will add depth and character to an otherwise plain bathroom. 

For the ultimate contemporary appearance, explore alternative methods of tiling in unusual contrasting colors. Consider chevron or glass herringbone tile to give your bathroom a unique and quirky appearance. If you don’t want to do a whole room, try a panel of blush pink, teal green and black glass mosaic tiles – a fitting backdrop for a large steel bath and ladder towel rail.

Hexagon tiles have become popular with their unique honeycomb shape that adds a sense of luxury to any bathroom renovation. These mosaic tiles are commonly used behind a basin with a mirror and lighting to create a focal point.

Like the color blue? That’s good because according to Zillow, blue rooms substantially increase the value of your home adding up to $5,400 more than expected to the sale price. Aqua glass tile is great, although any blue mosaic tile seems to work.


It’s not surprising that the use of mosaic glass tile for remodeling and resurfacing swimming pools has become hugely popular. Glass tile – especially blue glass tile and aqua tile – provide a spectacularly dramatic effect by transforming dull looking pools into dynamic eye popping sensations.

But it’s important to remember that the “wow factor” of using mosaic glass tiles is only one of the advantages in the renovation process. Other considerations:

  • Glass tiles are impervious to water which makes them ideal for both commercial and residential pools.
  • Any color or pattern in the glass tile will not fade nor discolor.
  • There’s a 0% water absorption which means that you will never have leak problems whatsoever.
  • Low to no maintenance.
  • Mosaic glass tiles, like those from Vidrepur, are often made of 100% recycled glass.

Additionally, glass mosaic pool tile ideas are plentiful because there are so many colors and shapes to select from. Glass mosaic pool tiles are also gentle to the touch, both stain and chemical resistant and create an awesome shimmer effect.

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