Trending for 2020: Fish Scale Tile for Kitchens & Baths

Trending for 2020: Fish Scale Tile for Kitchens & Baths
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Attention all creative people. Looking for inspiration to transform kitchen or bath walls into something beautiful and compelling that reawakens your senses?

Look no further. Fish scale tile is one of the hottest trends in interior mosaic tile right now – and for good reason. Fish scale mosaic tile (also known as Moroccan fish scale tile) has an awe-inspiring look that goes back to the eighth century where they became a staple of Moorish and Mediterranean style architecture.

It’s said that the design of fish scale tile is based on the glistening motion of sea waves as they gently glide across the shore. That same sense of tranquility and natural beauty can be felt in Moroccan fish scale tile applications.

Another great feature of fish scale tile is its versatility. Not only does this gorgeous mosaic tile come in many different color combinations, it can also be stylized with the tips pointing up, pointing down or even pointing sideways. Some designers feel that arranging fish scale tile with tips pointed upward brings positive energy while a downward arrangement showers your space with waves of calm.

Truth is, the way you orient fish scale tiles is totally your preference, there is no right answer, there’s simply what’s right for you. This is why Moroccan Fish Scales are soaring in popularity and can make such a stunning statement in your space.

Getting into it now? Here’s a few design considerations to get you started: 

Fish Scale Tile in Blue or Green

turquoise blue fish scale tile

There’s something about fish scale mosaic tile that always feels right. These tiles are full of romance and visual impact.

In bathroom settings, blue tile and green tile are commonly used in the fish scale tile pattern. Blue or green adds a calming backwaters feel to a cozy shower wall. Green hues are especially impactful as an earthier undertone.

For outdoor kitchens, green fish scale tile is also an excellent backsplash choice creating a lustrous contrast to rustic wood furniture.

Blue fish scale tile makes a perfect backsplash, wall or stand alone design element around bathroom sinks, especially if you have light colored cabinets with copper or gold colored hardware.

A blue and green mix creates an ethereal ocean effect, producing soft waves of color for baths or kitchen backsplashes. 

Fish Scale Tile in Gray or White

white fish scale tile

At the end of the day, you can't go wrong with neutrals. With its playful and effortlessly chic shape, the fish scale tile pattern speaks for itself (plus, you can match it with almost everything).

In a kitchen environment, white fish scale mosaics are perfect for reflecting and spreading natural light and pairs famously with light cabinets. There is a lot to be said for keeping a mosaic tile pattern a simple white with gray grout.

If you are fond of the classic look of white subway tile, you will also love white tile in the fish scale pattern, which looks fabulous as a full wall kitchen backsplash, especially with gray colored cabinets.

For darker kitchen cabinets, a gray or taupe tile in the fish scale design is both awe inspiring and stunningly beautiful. AquaBlu also offers a frappe matte mix that makes for a remarkable transformation of kitchen backsplashes, walls or applied as an accent. 

Black Fish Scale Tile

black fish scale tile

A backsplash used to be put into kitchens to catch flying food and easy cleanups. This is no longer the case in 2020. Mosaic tiles such as those in the fish scale pattern are not only used to protect the walls -- they are designed to make a statement.

And nowhere is this statement more compelling than with the sexy, sleek look of satin black Moroccan fish scale tile. Black tile in the fish scale pattern can be installed in all directions for a stunning effect.

Black mosaic tiles can be particularly eye-catching as a full wall in a kitchen with stylish white or light cabinets. Black mosaic fish scale tile is also a dramatic choice for modern baths around bowl type or irregular-shaped white porcelain sinks.

And remember, while color trends come and go, black tile will continue to look good and make a statement.

Making Waves with Fish Scale Tile

fish scale tile with mixed shapes

Looking for a fish scale tile pattern that doesn’t play by the rules? Put some bounce in your space by making waves. This is an intricate fish scale pattern that turns hypnotic when groups of fish scale tiles are placed with tips down, up, sideways right and sideways left.

This pattern, repeated over and over, simulates the motion of waves. In fact, with a little imagination, you can actually feel the movement. It’s a stunning sensation that works around a fireplace, on a shower wall or as an unusual kitchen backsplash. 


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