Top 5 Small-Format Glass Pool Tile Trends

Top 5 small-format glass pool tile trends
by Cristi Oramas

As we get closer and closer to the summer months pool owners everywhere are prepping for backyard barbecues and pool parties with friends and family. We think there's no better way to elevate your swimming pool than by diving into the top 5 small-format pool tile trends. So, whether you're chasing after that perfect chill spot or a place where the party never stops, these trends have got what it takes to make your dream space come to life. Dive into how these tiny, yet impactful tiles can truly transform your pool design.

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What is considered a Small-Format Pool Tile?

Small-format tiles are those that measure 1" x 1" or smaller, often referred to as micro tiles, and are a specialized choice particularly well-suited for pool applications. Their small size offers easy installation when covering the contours and unique shapes of pools, making for a seamless fit over curves and edges where larger tiles may require extensive cutting or adjustment.

The most common sizes of small-format tile include1” x 1”, 3/4” x 3/4” and 5/8” x 5/8“. Popular brands that we promote are Vidrepur, Trend Glass, Murrine Mosaics, SICIS, and NSR.

The abundance of grout lines that come with installing such small tiles significantly enhances slip resistance—a critical safety feature around swimming pool areas. Moreover, these small tiles offer endless options for personalization and the aesthetic enhancement of any pool space. By marrying functionality with artistic freedom, 1" x 1" or smaller tiles present an optimal solution for those aiming to achieve both safety standards and visual appeal in their swimming environments.

white, small-format glass tile by SICIS installed as an all-glass tile pool finish in a luxury pool.

1. All-Glass Tile Pool Finishes for a Glamorous Look

Opting for an all-glass tile finish in pools marries beauty with practicality. Glass swimming pool tiles dazzle with their ability to catch and reflect light creating captivating visuals and offering endless customization through a wide range of colors and textures. This finish looks beautiful and is a practical choice thanks to its durability against water, chemicals, and UV damage, ensuring lasting vibrancy. Its non-porous nature simplifies maintenance by preventing mold, making glass tiles a superior option for those seeking both elegance and ease in their swimming oasis. 

iridescent black small glass tile installed as an all-tile finish for a luxury pool over looking a beautiful, forested mountain side.

Small-format tiles from brands like Murrine Mosaics are on the rise for all-tile swimming pool finishes, driven by the brand's reputation for exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design. Their Opal Solids collection has become a customer favorite. Murrine Mosaics specializes in creating tiles that are not only visually stunning but also embody a level of artistry and uniqueness unmatched in the market. Their small-format tiles offer intricate detailing and vibrant color options, allowing designers to achieve highly customized looks ranging from sophisticated patterns to bold, contemporary mosaics. This flexibility makes them an ideal choice for homeowners seeking to infuse their pools with personal flair while ensuring an upscale aesthetic appeal. 

For those wanting small tiles but want to stay away from the traditional square shape, the Bijou Black by Vidrepur may be the answer you’re looking for. These tiny, textured tiles allow sunlight to bounce off their surface, creating an alluring iridescent appeal that’s hard to resist. 

Mixed color, small format glass tile used as an all glass tile pool finish

2. Small Waterline Pool Tiles for Timeless Simplicity

Small waterline tiles are increasingly sought after for their ability to infuse timeless simplicity into pool designs. Small swimming pool tiles bring a classic elegance that transcends fleeting trends, offering a subtle yet impactful way to define the pool's edge with sophistication. Their size allows for a refined texture and color gradient at the water's surface, creating an inviting boundary that enhances the natural beauty of the water.

This minimalist approach leverages less to achieve more, focusing on quality and detail over ostentation. The use of small tiles around the waterline adds a subtle element of visual interest, maintaining a serene and balanced aesthetic ideal for tranquil outdoor settings.

The Geometro collection by NSR offers a plethora of unique, geometric mosaic patterns made up of small-format tiles. These eye-catching designs are perfect for creating a one-of-a-kind pool waterline that will get everyone talking.

a geometric pattern in a pool waterline made of different colored small-format pool tile in a modern pool.

3. Tiled Sun Shelves for Luxurious Lounging

90% of new pools are being built with a pool ledge, better known as a sun shelf or Baja shelf. This ledge has become a coveted feature in swimming pools as it plays a large part in providing a relaxing environment for your pool-time recreation. It provides the perfect place to soak up some sun in a pool lounger, and can even act as a safe, shallow area for small children to play and learn to swim. 

The desire for an elevated design, enhanced durability, and comfort drives the trend of finishing a sun shelf with small-format glass tile. The smooth finish of tiles provides a more comfortable experience against the skin compared to the feel of traditional plaster pool finishes. Outside of their practical benefits, smaller tiles offer a refined look that larger formats can't, allowing for a seamless blend with the pool's overall look. This choice enables homeowners to create an area in their pool that is both functional and visually beautiful.

Sun shelf tiles in small format blue tile with two pool loungers and an umbrella set on top of it. It looks out into an all glass tile pool.

4. Feature Walls Adorned in Small Tiles for Visual Interest

Feature walls in and around pool areas have emerged as a captivating design trend, bringing visual interest and depth to outdoor spaces. The use of small tiles allows for intricate patterns and detailed mosaics to become works of art, transforming plain walls into focal points full of creativity and style. This tile design feature offers endless possibilities in terms of color combinations, textures, and finishes—enabling designers to craft bespoke pieces that reflect your tastes.

Moreover, beyond their aesthetic appeal, feature walls with small tiles contribute to spatial dynamics by manipulating perception through scale and contrast. In smaller areas, glossy or reflective tiles can brighten spaces and visually expand them without physical alterations. Conversely, matte finishes or darker hues might be employed to bring warmth and coziness to larger areas. From a practical standpoint, these tile-covered surfaces are not only durable but also easy to clean. Thus, integrated within architectural designs; they strike an ideal balance between formative beauty and enhancing functionality—the hallmark reasons behind their growing popularity across varied applications.

small, blue glass tiles used in a feature wall in a pool

5. Mosaic Murals for Artistic Flair

Adding a custom mosaic mural to your pool space is a unique way to infuse it and the surrounding area with character and artistic flair. These murals can transform a simple pool into a stunning visual masterpiece, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for swimmers and onlookers alike. One brand that stands out in this realm is Trend, renowned for its beautiful work in crafting high-end, custom mosaic murals. Trend's expertise lies not only in their ability to produce visually captivating designs but also in their commitment to detail and quality, ensuring each piece tells its own story while harmonizing with the surrounding environment. Their use of vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and dynamic compositions turns pool spaces into living canvases where water interacts with art in endlessly fascinating ways.

A large feature wall covered in an artistic mosaic mural featuring butterflies.

Moreover, Trend distinguishes itself as an eco-friendly option for those looking to add such creative touches without compromising environmental values. The company utilizes recycled glass materials in many of its tiles, reducing waste while delivering products that are both durable and sustainable. By choosing Trend for custom pool murals, individuals not only benefit from adding exceptional beauty to their pool areas but also contribute towards preserving natural resources—a compelling combination of style meets sustainability that enhances any outdoor living space. 

A beautiful, custom mosaic made up of small format tiles in various shades of blue used as a tile finish on a pool sun shelf.

SICIS, a world-renowned mosaic tile brand is another big player in the artistic mosaic industry. Their bespoke designs make them a leading authority in the world of custom mosaic production for pools. They specialize in bringing the vision of homeowners to life, as seen in the tiled sun shelf above.

A large butterfly artistic mural as a focal point inside a large commercial pool.


Key Takeaway: 


Dive into the top 5 small-format pool tile trends with our guide. From the elegance of an all-tile pool finish to a luxurious tiled sun shelf and even artistic glass mosaic murals, these top 5 ideas will help you make a splash in your backyard oasis. Think about these options for a statement look that matches your vibe.

An indoor pool completely tiled in small-format glass tile featuring a gradient from light green and yellow tiles to darker tones and blacks. The walls in the room are completely tiled, blending into the pool directly.


The journey through today’s most sought-after top 5 small-format pool tile trends brings us full circle - from envisioning an upgraded sanctuary in our backyards to understanding exactly how achievable this dream is. We've seen options ranging from all-glass tile pool finishes to accenting feature walls. This exploration isn't just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting experiences and memories around water – where every dip echoes sophistication.

So here we stand at the edge of decision-making, ready not just to choose tiles but to create havens reflecting who we are. It's time now not only for dreaming but doing because transforming our pools means enriching lives—one little tile at a time.

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