Top 5 Glass Mosaic Tile Applications for Your Home

Top 5 Glass Mosaic Tile Applications for Your Home
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Glass mosaic tile is an incredibly sustainable finishing material.

Glass tile can be used just about anywhere, indoors and outdoors. Glass mosaic tiles provide an elegant design element. Because of its enormous choices of colors, shapes and even textures, the application possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

When looking for tiles for sale, buyers should also keep in mind that glass mosaic tile is easy to work with, practically maintenance free and can successfully be combined with many other finishing materials such as granite, wood, marble and more.

Need a little push for ideas? Here are the top five glass mosaic tile applications for your home:

1. Glass Mosaic Tile for Kitchen Backsplashes

glass mosaic tile for kitchen backsplashes

Glass tile is slightly transparent and reflects light. As such, glass mosaic tile makes your kitchen appear larger than regular opaque ceramic tile would. Being less porous than ceramic tile, glass tile resists stains as well as mold and mildew.

For kitchen backsplashes, glass tile offers a wide array of choices from black and white to everything in between including beiges, reds, greens, purples and beautiful blue mosaic tile. The shapes are just as varied. You can find Glass mosaic tile in traditional configurations such as squares or more unconventional shapes including arabesque, herringbone, hexagon and mixed/modular. An ongoing popular kitchen backsplash shape is subway tile -- think slender tiles evocative of a luxurious spa.
If you have a small kitchen, opt for lighter and more transparent mosaic glass tiles, which reflect the most light and will make the space feel larger.

2. Glass Mosaic Tile for Showers

glass mosaic tile for showers

Glass tile is a natural choice for shower walls because it’s water-resistant and is available in a substantial range of aesthetically-pleasing colors and patterns. Also, because glass tile reflects light, your shower will appear larger.

Glass tile is available in multiple sizes which are ideal for shower floors. When in comes to shower floor application, the smaller the better; additional grout joints add traction to your slippery shower floor.  For even more traction, you can opt for glass mosaic tile that is slip resistant.

When considering tiles for sale, remember that tiles on the walls of the shower are both an important element in the décor of the room, and serve as protection against moisture for the drywall underneath. So choose your shower tiles with both functions in mind, taking the actual feel of the tile into consideration as well.
It’s best to opt for small glass tiles when dealing with a curved space, but going jumbo in the shower can open up the room considerably and make a glass tile shower feel larger than it actually is.

Mosaic glass tile in the shower is an ideal choice especially if you are looking to add something a little different to your shower design.

3. Glass Mosaic Tile for Bathrooms

glass mosaic tile for bathrooms

Glass tiles are considered the crème de la crème when it comes to bathroom surfaces, and are available in an infinite variety of colors, shapes, textures and finishes. Gleaming glass will illuminate the bathroom in wonderful hues and is ideal for the walls, floor, bathtub surround or just an accent.

Glass mosaic tile is beautiful and offers your bathroom a unique visual appeal, and with an enormous selection of colors and mosaics to choose from, your design options are literally limitless.

Because glass tile is relatively low maintenance, all you need to keep it clean is window cleaner and a cloth.

4. Glass Mosaic Tile for Living Rooms

glass mosaic tile for living rooms

Take your glass tile beyond the backsplash.

Don’t forget the living room. As floor accents, glass tile is perfect. You can opt for a subtle touch to your floor design, such as a few glass mosaic tiles here and there, or you can add a whole strip of large glass tiles to brighten up your space.

By creating an innovative pattern, you can draw even more attention to the beauty of your custom tile floor.

Enhancing a living room fireplace with glass tile is also an excellent way to add a modern twist. The light from the fire will reflect off the glass, giving your space a warm, twinkling glow. Try a gem shade for an immediate touch of opulence. The shimmer and shine of both clear and translucent glass will make your fireplace the focal point of the room.

Also consider using mosaic glass tile as a chair rail. A chair rail is a line of trim installed partway up the wall that serves two purposes. It’s designed to help visually divide the room, and, in a living room or dining room, it protects the wall from getting damaged from the back of a chair.

While it’s usually made with wood trim, you can also use glass tile to create a beautiful chair rail that serves the same purpose.

5. Glass Mosaic Tile for Swimming Pools

glass mosaic tile for swimming pools

It’s a jaw dropping combination: pristine water, brilliant sunshine and glistening mosaic tile.

Make you pool come alive with one of the myriad mosaics, sizes, color combinations and finishes available. Glass tiles are easy to maintain, last a lifetime, and lend the water a clarity that cannot be duplicated.

For waterlines or even whole pool coverage, glass mosaic tiles add a distinctive look. What’s more, glass mosaic will reflect lights, which makes your pool more spacious and have a strong visual effect.

While there are seemingly endless colors to choose from, blue mosaic tile like our Caribbean Blue, Mixed glass tile, is still a favorite among pool owners. Blue glass tile has a calming, relaxing feel to it and also provides a reflective quality that adds blue to your water like the color of the deep blue sea.

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