It’s the perfect combination: the color blue and glass mosaic tile.

These two swimming pool designer points have become very trendy, especially for pool renovation projects.

The benefits of glass mosaic tile are considerable. Glass is a stable non-porous material. This makes it resistant to staining and damage by chemicals or mold. This also makes glass mosaic tiles well-suited for swimming pool waterlines – or to cover the entire pool!

Unlike other materials of decorative value, glass tiles do not need much time to be invested in their maintenance. They only require a regular wiping down to remove any dust build up or superficial staining. All that’s required is a soft cloth for wiping and mild detergents to remove any oil buildup.

Another amazing benefit of glass mosaic tile is its visual appeal. The visual properties of glass are responsible for giving glass mosaic tiles a charming luminous quality which draws the eye. This is because glass has superior color retention qualities.

The light reflective properties of glass and the possibility to regulate its transparency allow these tiles to be integrated with pool lighting at night for dramatic effect. And by day these tiles add a glow and zest to a pool with just the natural light.

Glass mosaic tile is also rapidly gaining a reputation for its environmental contributions. The energy consumption to produce glass tile is about half of what’s required for manufacturing ceramic tiles. There’s also eco-friendly versions available made from nearly 100% recycled glass.

Blue has continued to be the most popular color for swimming pool waterlines as well as total pool coverage. Psychologists tell us, blue is a soothing cool color that enhances relaxation. Blue is also the color of the sky and ocean, elements that can both inspire us and put us in a comfortable state of mind.

Additionally, blue glass tiles are preferable because they appear cleaner to users than most colors as well as contribute to the pool water color – a desirable blue.

The problem is: What blue is right for you? With so many shades and designs to choose from, selecting blue mosaic tile can be a tough decision. Here are five outstanding blue tiles to consider:

1) Blue Copper Blend by Artistry in Mosaics

blue copper blend blue mosaic tile for pools

This compelling glass tile is composed of intriguing 3/4” x 3/4” chips of random shades of blue, gray and copper. It has a feel to it that shouts swimming pool fun. Its price also screams “deal” – you won’t find too many gorgeous mosaic glass tiles in this price range.

2) Shell Azure by Vidrepur

vidrepur shell azure blue mosaic tile for pools

A lighter, more delicate blue mix than Blue Copper Blend, some designers liken this tile to the blues and pinks and golds of a bubble blowing in the wind on a summer’s day. Slightly iridescent, Shell Azure chips are 1” x 1” and available in an anti-slip finish, which makes it a particularly attractive total pool tile, especially applied to pool bottoms. Like Blue Copper Blend, the pricing of Shell Azure is also appealing.

As a bonus, these environmentally friendly glass tiles are made in Spain from recycled glass. 

3) Shell Air by Vidrepur

vidrepur shell air blue mosaic tile for pool waterlines

Like its cousin Shell Azure, Shell Air is also slightly iridescent and available in an anti-slip finish. Both are made from recycled glass and really lend themselves to full pool tiling with their anti-slip finish and subtle blues that you can never get tired of. And then there’s the price. One of the major drawbacks for full pool tiling has been the higher cost of glass mosaic tile compared to porcelain tile. Well, forget about it. At these prices you could completely tile your pool and your spa too! Pools with full tiling are more durable, smoother and less chemically reactive.

4) Azure by Artistry in Mosaics

artistry in mosaics azure 1 x 1 glass mosaic tile

This is a mesmerizing blend of blue and blue iridescent 1” x 1” glass chips. If you’re looking for a blue mosaic tile with a luxurious finish, this is the tile for you. One particularly fascinating aspect of this blue swimming pool tile is how each sheet contrasts ice blue square chips with chips that have a frosted ice cube blue translucence with streaks of pink and yellow thrown in unexpectedly.

Coming in at 8mm thick, this tile is easy to install – a godsend for tile workers.

5) Blue Planet – Blue by Vidrepur

vidrepur blue planet 1x1 blue mosaic tile

If you’re looking for something different in blue tile for your pool or shower, look no further. Aptly named, this sophisticated and stylish glass tile could stand alone in a modern art gallery. The individual chips are wider at 1” x 2”, which gives Blue Planet – Blue an unusual appeal with its blue wedges stretching against a greyish background. This unusual design is both elegant and provocative. Then there’s its textured finish, the final touch that separates this blue glass tile from the rest of the pack.


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