Tile Trends for 2019

Tile Trends for 2019
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Not too long ago, tiles were pretty much limited to ceramic squares without textures and little in the way of color variation.

That has all changed in a major way to the point where selecting tile for pools, spas, backsplashes, walls or floors can be daunting due to the dizzying number of selections.

But do not fear. If you plan to start off the new year with a tile project, we here at AquaBlu Mosaics can help you get started.

Just like with clothing, jewelry and furniture, tile can also trend. Before jumping into a new project, you might want to consider what interior designers foresee as popular tile trends in 2019:

Glass Tile

The new year picks up where the old one left off with glass tile making a strong run. Glass tile makes space feel larger by bouncing light throughout the room whether it be a kitchen backsplash or bath wall.

Glass mosaic tile has the same glowing impact used as swimming pool tile, especially as waterline tile. Glass tile captures sunlight and mirrors the water’s movement. It’s also hygienic, easy to clean up as well as durable.

Additionally, glass tile’s rise in popularity can be attributed to its wide selection of colors, blends and shapes. This allows for creativity in creating the perfect pattern for your home’s décor.

Environmentally, glass is 100 percent natural, and many tile varieties are made from recycled glass which further enhances their environmental friendliness.

Hexagon Shapes

The trend to use tile shapes other than rectangles continues. Hexagon tiles in particular provide a sense of unending beauty. The six-sided “honeycomb” shape of hexagon tiles fits neatly inside the next tile creating a continuous surface. This is particularly beneficial for creating a large image across walls where you need continuity.   

A splatter of hexagon tiles can look amazing in a kitchen island or on shower walls.

Wood/Stone Effect

The trend toward wood or stone effect porcelain or glass tiles really rocks. In recent years both residential and commercial projects have begun to incorporate stone-like tiles for many applications such as interior and exterior walls, bathrooms, showers, kitchen backsplashes, countertops, swimming pools, patios and fireplaces.

Mosaic pebble glass tile has become very fashionable as shower floors for those who like a more natural look and feel.

Likewise, tile that presents a natural wood effect has risen up the charts. Especially as interior or exterior floors, wood effect tiles can easily be used to create a unified look. These tiles are beautiful, comfy, and, unlike real wood planks, you don’t have to worry about warping, staining or termites.

Arabesque Tiles

Arabesque tiles have also made their way into the winner’s circle. And, it’s no wonder. Despite being around for a while, these extremely versatile hourglass or lantern-shaped tiles are making a comeback. Designers turn to arabesque tiles as a luxurious choice that can provide an attractive contemporary style that fits in almost any space.

Arabesque tiles are well-known for use in kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms.

Subway Tiles Still on Track

They’ve been popular a long time and will continue to be a top choice in 2019. Subway tiles were first used it in the early 1900s New York subway stations, where they proved to be an easy-to-clean, durable surface that reflected light well. Those same virtues quickly caused subway tiles to be used in residential housing, and more than a century later they still are among the most popular choices for tile installations.

Extremely useful for kitchen backsplashes or bathroom walls, the appeal of subway tile is its design simplicity and universal measurement ratios, where width to length ratio is a precise 1:2. The classic subway tile is 3" x 6", though other variations are also available in 2" x 4" or 4" x 8" sizes. 


A cousin to subway tiles, the herringbone pattern is an arrangement of subway-like rectangles so named for a fancied resemblance to the bones of a fish such as a herring. Designers refer to the herringbone tile pattern as dreamy and romantic – especially when lighter gray or beige tones are used to create a certain mood with walls, floors or even countertops.

This pattern has been particularly useful in bathrooms where the object is to create a minimalist, relaxing atmosphere. But beware. Add an extra pop of color and you’ve got an eye-opening statement wall or niche on your hands.

Colored Epoxy-Based Grout

Grout doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can now be part of the design. The trend is to be creative with epoxy-based tile grout that comes in many colors, textures and can even be made iridescent.

Epoxy-based grout, unlike common cement grout, is also water repellent, resistant to stains and chemicals and much easier to use than cement grout.

Best of all, not only is epoxy-based tile grout pretty – it won’t crack.


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