The Ultimate Guide to Ledge Lounger Products

The Ultimate Guide to Ledge Lounger Products
by Jorge Goytisolo

Attention all water lovers! Ready to revolutionize your pool time? Close your eyes and imagine relaxing on a cozy lounger, sipping a refreshing beverage, and basking in the sun's warm embrace – all without ever leaving the pool. Pinch yourself, because with in-pool furniture from Ledge Lounger, this dreamy scenario can be your everyday summer vibe!

I know what you're thinking - "In-pool furniture? Is that even a thing?" Oh, it's a thing alright. And it's not just any old thing. It's the key to transforming your pool from a basic swimming hole to a luxurious oasis. Trust me, once you experience the comfort and style of in-pool furniture, you'll never look back.

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Revolutionizing Poolside Luxury: The Origin of Ledge Lounger

Picture this: you're lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun, and sipping on a refreshing drink. But something's missing. The old, faded pool furniture just isn't cutting it anymore. That's where Ledge Lounger comes in. Founded by Christopher Anderson in 2011, Ledge Lounger has completely transformed the world of pool and outdoor furniture. They didn't just improve upon existing designs - they created an entirely new category: in-pool furniture. And let me tell you, it's a game-changer. Ledge Lounger's iconic Signature Chaise was the first of its kind, allowing you to lounge in style while partially submerged in the cool water of your pool. It's the epitome of luxury outdoor living. No more sweating on a hot pool deck or dealing with flimsy, uncomfortable chairs. With Ledge Lounger, you can have it all.

Design Philosophy

At the heart of Ledge Lounger's success lies its unwavering commitment to design excellence. Each piece is meticulously crafted to embody the brand's core principles of style, comfort, and durability. From sleek lines to innovative features, every detail is carefully considered to ensure maximum enjoyment and relaxation.

Four small children sliding down Ledge Lounger slides set up on a pool shelf.

The Elegance & Versatility of Ledge Lounger's Pool & Outdoor Furniture Collections

Ledge Lounger presents a wide variety of outdoor furniture pieces, meticulously designed to meet every desire and taste. Their collection spans from iconic chaise lounges to stylish umbrellas, functional side tables, and complementary accessories, all created with an unwavering commitment to quality and detail.

The Signature Chaise: A Synonym for Poolside Elegance

The Signature Chaise isn't just a pretty face. It's crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and long-lasting durability. The UV-resistant, fade-resistant, high-quality resin can withstand the elements and the wear and tear of regular use. So you can enjoy your chaise for years to come. But Ledge Lounger didn't stop at functionality. They also prioritized style and customization. Available in 8 different colors, these pool loungers are crafted to be submerged in up to 9" of water. The sleek, modern design of the Signature Chaise elevates any pool area, turning it into a true oasis.

A woman lounging in the Signature Chaise pool lounger on a pool shelf. The pool looks out into the ocean.

The Signature Lowback Chair: Timeless Luxury for Your Poolside

Say hello to the Signature Lowback Chair that's turning heads. Kick back by the pool in a chair that's both timeless and elegantly simple, perfect for soaking up some sun. Simply place the pool chair on your tanning ledge (0-9 inches deep) and immerse yourself in 360-degree views within your outdoor sanctuary. Its clean, balanced design perfectly harmonizes with your outdoor space, ensuring you can enjoy lounging on your pool's tanning ledge with unmatched style and comfort.

Two Signature Lowback chairs set up in a resort pool. There's a side table between them with a tropical looking drink.

The Signature Barstool: Where Design and Durability Unite

Imagine settling into the Signature Barstool – it's where design meets coziness in perfect harmony. Imagine transforming any outdoor get-together into an event to remember without breaking a sweat. Whether completing your swim-up bar with bar-height stools, providing poolside seating for the kids with counter-height options, or creating a dynamic mix on the deck, these versatile pool barstools redefine outdoor leisure. With two heights available, 29.5" and 17.5", there's a barstool for any backyard setup. Imagine relaxing on sturdy backless barstools that face neither wear nor tear from the elements. That's what you get with these – designed to endure using only the finest materials.

Three women sitting in the Signature barstools laughing and drinking.

The Autograph Chaise Loungers: Optimal Performance at the Right Depth

Water depth plays a crucial role as our luxury outdoor loungers and in-pool products are meticulously designed for specific depths. Deviating from the recommended range may result in these products not functioning as intended. For instance, placing the Baja shelf chaise lounge on a ledge deeper than our recommended depth may cause the product to float, compromising its performance. The Autograph Chaise lounger is designed to be submerged in up to 12" of water, providing those with a deeper ledge area optimal comfort during their outdoor relaxation time.

A side shot of two Autograph pool loungers with light blue/green stripped head rest pillows.

The Autograph Chair: Classic Style Meets Unrivaled Comfort

Imagine the classic style of the Autograph Chaise, but enhanced - updated features bring a new level of comfort to kicking back with the Autograph Chair. Picture yourself relaxing by the pool in something that's been reshaped to hug your back just right, providing solid lumbar support while encouraging you to sit up and soak in your environment fully. With its ability to excel in up to 12 inches of water or simply adorn your pool deck, the Autograph Chair elevates any space into something extraordinary, offering you an unmatched getaway vibe without ever leaving home.

a man and woman laughing and sharing some wine and snacks while sitting in the Autograph Chairs.

The Tall Autograph Ice Bin Side Table: Your Ultimate Poolside Companion

We love the Tall Autograph Ice Bin Side Table; the amazing hydration hub you never realized you were missing until now. Boasting a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, this tall outdoor side table effortlessly combines style and convenience for your deck or sun shelf. Lift the lid to stow your poolside essentials or fill it with ice and up to 12 cans of your preferred outdoor beverage for refreshing coolness while you unwind. Crafted to excel in shallow water depths of up to 12 inches or on deck settings, this drink cooler table ensures that everything you need is within arm's reach, allowing you to recline, relax, and savor your outdoor moments to the fullest. Best of all they look great next to any Lounger!

A woman grabbing something out of the Tall Ice Bin.

The Autograph Umbrella Stand Ice Bin: Elevating Your Outdoor Experience

The Autograph Umbrella Stand Ice Bin is the essential addition to perfect your outdoor setting both in-pool and on deck. With all your cooling essentials conveniently gathered in one place, the Autograph Umbrella Stand Ice Bin enables you to prolong your outdoor enjoyment, fostering cherished moments with loved ones. With this unique in-pool umbrella stand you can stay hydrated and in the shade all while never leaving the pool!

A close up shot of a woman opening the ice bin compartment in the Autograph Umbrella bin stand. There's ice in the bin and drinks and magazines on top. A white umbrella is installed in the center.

The Adirondack Patio Chair: A Contemporary Twist on a Classic Style

For serene moments in the backyard, Adirondack chairs stand as a timeless choice. Their distinctive appearance, featuring wide arms and a gently sloping seat close to the ground, exudes an inviting charm. No matter your outdoor aesthetic goals, the Adirondack chairs effortlessly blend in. Whether encircling a fire pit, enhancing a beach-inspired backyard, or simply adorning the patio for tranquil afternoons, they complement any setting. Enjoy years of backyard relaxation; these outdoor chairs can handle anything Mother Nature throws their way. Resistant to fading, warping, cracking, or splintering even after years in the elements, they remain steadfast companions for outdoor relaxation. With a spectrum of resin color options available, including vibrant hues, neutral tones, and woodgrain finishes, you can effortlessly integrate stylish Adirondack chairs into your outdoor ensemble.

Two Adirondack chairs around a fire pit. Theres a blanket on one and a small matching cushion on the other.

The Laze Pillow: Ultimate Comfort Meets Effortless Style

Relax and unwind with the Laze Pillow by Ledge Lounger. Made from high-quality Sunbrella Fabric, a fade-resistant marine-grade product, the Laze Pillow merges the concept of the classic pool float, with the comfort of a bean bag. Better still, it's filled with mold and mildew-resistant foam beads to ensure lasting comfort for years to come. With absolutely zero setup required, you can skip the inflation process. Simply unbox it and start lounging right away! With the Laze Pillow's range of bright patterns and colors, switching up your pool’s vibe with the changing seasons has never been easier.

Four women floating in a pool on Laze pillows that show some of the different patterns available.

The Laze Hammock: Float in Style with Enduring Comfort

Indulge in summer relaxation with sophistication courtesy of the Ledge Lounger Laze Hammock! Designed with two buoyant pillows filled with foam beads and connected by a sturdy fabric sling, this hammock ensures complete body support and unparalleled comfort as you drift weightlessly on the water. Pick from a rainbow of options to bring just the right vibe into both residential and commercial outdoor areas. Picture yourself floating in utmost comfort year after year. This isn’t just any pool float; it’s crafted for durability with the marine-grade Sunbrella fabric, making it resistant to fading and filled with beads that don’t give in to mold or mildew.

A man floating in a pool using a Laze Hammock with a tropical leaf pattern.

Dive Into Fun: Pool & Outdoor Games

Get ready for some serious fun mixed with playful competition. Imagine transforming your lawn into a lively arena filled with engaging outdoor games tailored just for adults and family time - it’s where tradition meets novelty. Whether you're tossing bags in a heated game of cornhole or smashing the ball over the net in ping pong, our selection of Ledge Lounger pool and patio games has just the right kind of fun for everyone to dive into. Speaking of diving in, we've recently added the Hoopstr swimming pool basketball hoop! It's the go-to hoop for backyard enthusiasts, both in and out of the water! Perfect for poolside or lawn play, the Hoopstr adds a touch of luxury excitement to any outdoor area. Crafted for durability and complete with a ball and hand pump, it's designed to perform flawlessly in water depths up to 9 inches. So, let your inner child free and get to playing!

A man and woman playing cornhole. The man is jumping in the air and yelling in celebration.

Materials and Construction

One of the hallmarks of Ledge Lounger pool furniture is its exceptional quality and durability. Each piece is made of top-notch materials that can take on the weather and still look stunning as the years roll by.

High-Quality Resin

Ledge Lounger's furniture is made from high-quality resin that is UV-resistant, fade-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Stainless Steel Hardware

To battle the harsh realities of outdoor weather, Ledge Lounger banks on stainless steel for all its furniture fittings. This way, rust and wear don't stand a chance.

Comfortable Cushions

Ledge Lounger's cushions are made from high-density foam and covered in durable, weather-resistant fabric, providing the perfect balance of comfort and durability.

American Made

Made in the USA, at every stage, from conception to delivery, their team of pool furniture experts meticulously attends to every detail, all with the singular goal of enhancing any poolside experience to its maximum potential.

Tailor Your Experience

Imagine shaping your perfect retreat right in your backyard. That's what Ledge Lounger offers with its custom options alongside its standard collection. Dive into customization with choices in fabric and finishes to make each piece unmistakably yours.

A closeup shot of a tan striped cushion installed on an autograph chair.

Maintenance and Care

While Ledge Lounger furniture is designed to withstand the elements, proper maintenance and care are essential to ensure its longevity and beauty. Fortunately, keeping your Ledge Lounger furniture looking its best is easy with these simple maintenance tips.

Regular Cleaning

To remove dirt, dust, and debris, simply wipe down your furniture with a mild detergent and water solution, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Storing During Off-Season

If you live in an area with harsh winters or extreme weather conditions, consider storing your Ledge Lounger furniture indoors or in a covered area during the off-season to protect it from damage.

Two women lounging in pool loungers in a baja shelf. There are two laze pillows over to the side.

Dive into the Ledge Lounger Life, where every moment is about savoring relaxation in style.

Choosing Ledge Lounger for your pool and patio isn't simply picking out furniture; it’s committing to a lifestyle that blends relaxation with a touch of opulence. Kick back with luxury at your next pool party or while soaking up some sun; Ledge Lounger pieces bring top-notch comfort and flair to all your outdoor moments.

Key Takeaway: 


Transform your poolside into a luxury oasis with Ledge Lounger's stylish in-pool and outdoor furniture. Dive into comfort and fun with their innovative designs, from the Signature Chaise to exciting pool games, ensuring durability, style, and endless customization options for the ultimate relaxation experience.


So there you have it; Ledge Lounger is changing the game in plush outdoor living spaces. With their eye-catching designs and superior build quality, lounging outside has never felt more lavish or comfy. Whether you're lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun on the beach, or enjoying a quiet moment in your backyard, Ledge Lounger furniture invites you to relax, unwind, and embrace the beauty of the outdoors in style.