The New Epoxy Tile Grout is Here - YES!

The New Epoxy Tile Grout is Here - YES!
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Unlike cement-based tile grouts, epoxy doesn’t stain or crack and can be used as an engaging design element

We’ve all seen it. The appearance of exterior or interior tile ruined by ugly tile grout that’s cracked or stained. Or both. You think: How did that happen?

It happens because common cement-based tile grout has always been vulnerable to staining, cracking and discoloring right before your very eyes. Cement grout is so difficult to keep clean, it’s often referred to as the Achilles heal of the tile industry.

Some of these issues with cement-based tile can be prevented by applying sealant once a year – but who wants to do that!

Stop Grousing Over Grout

There is a better way. It’s called epoxy-based tile grout and we’re very happy to let our customers know that it’s now available at in our new Starlike tile grout collections by Litokol.

Advantages of Epoxy Tile Grout

  • Resistant to stains, chemicals and UV
  • Water repellent
  • Much easier to install than cement grout
  • Starlike is the first flexible epoxy grout
  • Only glass grout that can be used in all applications, both exterior and interior
  • Best choice for use with glass tiles and glass mosaics of all types
  • Wall finish options available
  • Huge selection of colors and finishes
  • Non-corrosive most environmentally friendly grout available.

Epoxy Tile Grout As Design Element

But Starlike epoxy tile grout is about more than physical soundness and compatibility. This amazing tile grout is also about beauty and style. In fact, for the first time, with the Starlike collection, tile grout becomes an important element of design rather than a utility decision or an afterthought.

This is made possible by the incredible combinations of colors and textures available to customers for creating just the right look and feel for those important but previously ignored spaces between tiles.

The Starlike Epoxy Tile Grout Collections

>>Starlike Classic Tile Grout – Clean, classic greys, beige colors and earth tones that can be used alone or mixed with finish options for a metallic effect or a silver or gold glitter look. There’s even a night vision finish – a photoluminescent additive that after exposure to natural light, gives grout a bluish aspect for a few hours during the night.

>>Starlike Glamour Grout – Unlike the more subdued classic tile grout colors, glamour grout screams color! For the modern homeowner looking to add artistry to tile and grout, Glamour epoxy tile grout is an excellent choice. Besides an infusion of pizazz, Glamour tile grout is perfect for applications where harsh chemicals will be used, like showers, kitchens and swimming pools. It also has anti-bacterial properties that make it an excellent hygienic selection.

>>Starlike Crystal Glass Grout Jewels – Make your fine glass mosaic tiles standout even more with this compelling tile grout collection. Rich colors combined with diamond-like glittering jewels creates a stunning effect that you will never get tired of admiring.

>>Starlike Crystal Glass Tile Grout – As if you didn’t have enough options, our Crystal Glass Tile Grout collection offers a translucent grout perfect for mosaics featuring different shades of the same color. This engaging semitransparent epoxy tile grout maintains color consistency even in mosaic tiles made of different materials. The final result is one of visual continuity with a strong impact, enhancing the value of any type of mosaic in all residential contexts.

>>Starlike Metallic Tile Grout - For particularly artistic effects when grouting tile, one trend that has taken off, in both indoor and outdoor tiling projects, is the use of metallic tile grout. This epoxy tile grout is especially complimentary when using mosaic tiles that have metallic glaze effects. Choose from gold, platinum, bronze, copper or rusty metallic tile grout shades for a stylish alternative.


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