Top 5 Benefits to Using Recycled Glass Tile

Top 5 Benefits to Using Recycled Glass Tile
by Danielle Major

Around the world, people have realized the importance of protecting our natural resources and as a result, eco-conscious consumerism is on the rise.  Chances are, you yourself have taken steps to ensure you leave a smaller eco-footprint or have at least pondered on how you can do your part. Well, we’re happy to tell you about one simple way to make a difference: using mosaic tile made of recycled glass. 

While the recycled glass industry is still in its infancy, it is expected to become a billion dollar market in the next few decades. As environmental awareness and concern grows, homeowners are searching for creative ways to help reduce their carbon footprint. The use of recycled glass is becoming a popular eco-friendly alternative.

When properly installed, glass mosaic tile is known to be one of the most durable, long-lasting materials on earth. In fact, it is estimated that glass can take up to 1 million years to decompose!

Benefits of using recycled glass tile

There are many benefits to choosing recycled glass tile for your pool or home. Some of which include:

  • Leaving a smaller eco-footprint
  • Reducing landfill waste
  • Guaranteed safe and sturdy material
  • Can be recycled again if you decide to upgrade
  • Peace of mind / no buyers remorse 

How does glass use effect the environment?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the United States produced 12.3 million tons of glass in 2018 alone! This number is expected to rise year over year. Of that 12.3 million tons of glass, only 3.1 million tons were recycled.recycled glass tile

This means that 9.2 million tons of glass ended up in our landfills as waste. All this additional waste is leading to unprecedented climate change and air pollution. This can and has led to the destruction of our wildlife and natural resources around the world. 

Furthermore, mismanagement of waste is a huge public health concern. Diseases such as asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, COPD, and other bacterial infections are spread to us via the emissions generated to break down all our waste, wreaking havoc on our communities. (, 2019)

Make a difference, choose eco-friendly tile

But can one person using recycled glass tile really make a difference? The answer is YES! The stigma that surrounds the use of recycled glass is unfounded. So long as the materials are produced following TCNA (Tile Council of North America) guidelines, the material is just as safe, durable, and beautiful as non-recycled glass.

One person choosing to go with recycled glass mosaics will set the standard for high-quality, stunning pool tile in their neighborhood. 

recycled glass tile for pool

Speaking of stunning pool tile, there is a misconception surrounding recycled glass tile that it won’t be as beautiful, or that somehow, it retains the style from its previous use, therefore creating a hodgepodge of colors etc. This just isn’t the case.

For instance, all the eye-catching, premium glass tile from the brand Vidrepur, is made from recycled glass. They offer everything from smooth solid colors to extraordinary iridescent finishes, and even anti-slip options. There truly is something for everyone. 

Designing Pool and Interior with Recycled Glass Tile

Maybe you want to source all your materials from here in the United States. Well, good news. All the artisan glass mosaic tiles produced by American Glass Mosaics are made right here in the US using recycled glass. Their breathtaking collections of glass mosaic tiles are hand-crafted to perfection. You truly end up with a one-of-a-kind glass tile. 

recycled glass tile pool design

Perhaps you’re looking for something different. Something that truly stands out and astounds onlookers. Look no further than the Vanguard series by Aquatica. This collection features a multitude of varying colors and sizes, all displayed in gorgeous patterns across the face of the tiles. 

What our customers are saying about our recycled glass tile products

glass tile pool remodel "I could not be happier with AquaBlu Mosaics. From my initial purchase, through the end of the project, Aqua Blu made sure to keep in contact and make sure I was satisfied. The glass tile looks amazing in our pool. I highly recommend this company and this product for any future pool remodel."

"blue glass tileThe Topazstone was a tile was one of my samples, I thought it was breathtaking and hope these pictures can help potential buyers. The online pictures of this tile do not do it justice. It’s just beautiful!

In short, recycled glass mosaic tiles are just as vibrant and alluring as non-recycled tiles. So long as the manufacturer follows TCNA guidelines (like those featured on to produce these materials, durability is not an issue. Between lessening the amount of glass waste that ends up in our landfills, to alleviating some of the environmental effects this waste has on our communities, going with recycled glass tile is one simple way to do your part.

So don’t delay, shop all our recycled glass tiles today and create your paradise with ease of mind because you’re not only creating a beautiful oasis, but also helping to care for the environment.