by Mike Vitori

Buying glass tiles online really has some huge benefits attached to it. Those days are long gone when you would visit each local distributor independently to search for something that matches your taste. The Internet helps us to check out all types of glass tiles that are available at any particular shop without ever having to step out of the house. Everyone has heard the phrase “time is money,” so try doing yourself a favor by avoiding spending precious hours on work that could have been done the easy way.

In today’s world, clothing items are considered to be the number one choice for online purchases, but people get a bit cautious when buying items like glass tiles over the Internet.  Most people want to buy something that they can see in person and feel with their own hands, so in the realm of buying glass tile online – don’t be afraid to ask for a sample!

The reality is that buying glass tiles online proves to be cheaper and a better option than buying at a local tile distributor or from your tile installer.  Here are a few reasons why:

Price and Variety

As previously mentioned, you will be able to find a greater variety of tiles on the Internet as compared to visiting local distributors.  Purchasing glass tile online can even get you in touch with beautiful glass tile imported from Spain, Italy, and many other countries.

Prices are almost always cheaper on the internet since online glass tile distributors typically have lower overhead and therefore can operate with smaller margins.  Buyers may also experience tax savings when purchasing from an out-of-state distributor.  If you see a product from a local store that you like, try searching for the SKU online to see if you can buy the tile yourself and save some big bucks.

Customer Reviews

Another big advantage of buying mosaic glass tiles online is the customer reviews. If buying from a local supplier, it would be difficult to find out what previous buyers thought about the quality of the glass tiles. Buying it online would make it possible for you to read all the pros and cons of that product. There is also no hurry to buy; the element of pressure by your friendly salesman is an often underestimated factor of shopping.

Free or Inexpensive Samples

If not explicitly stated on the website, get in touch with an online distributor to see if they can offer you free or discounted samples so that you can be 100% confident with your final decision.  Most companies have customer service representatives whose sole purpose is to make you a happy customer.  So why not put them to work?

From lower prices and greater selections to potential tax savings and a convenient shopping experience, it is easy to see why someone would choose to buy glass tiles online. Do a little browsing, try it once, and you won’t be disappointed with your decision.