The Beauty of Blue Mosaic Tile

The Beauty of Blue Mosaic Tile
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Blue is a universally appreciated color.

Inherently attractive in nature, blue is a versatile color that can create a range of dramatic effects. The use of blue glass tile, green glass tile and aqua tiles in home design and decorating are known for emanating a calm, soothing feeling.

Varying shades of blue mosaic tile offer different results. Light blue-greens are considered tranquil like water. But a brilliant shade of turquoise is more vibrant and will add a little more energy to a room.

Blue mosaic tile can seem traditional and low-key, or modern and bright depending on the shade and the other furnishings in the room. It’s one of the most multi-functional colors. When paired with a bright white, blue tile can give the feeling of the ocean or other nautical concepts. Blue combined with green can prompt thoughts of the sea.

Outdoors, blue mosaic pool tiles are the preferred swimming pool tiles. Blue glass pool tiles as waterlines are especially popular mosaic pool tiles. Blue swimming pool tile makes the water look blue. If you plan on using your waterline as a focal point, you can turn the color of the water into a rich ocean blue by using a darker blue mosaic tile such as you will find in our Caribbean Blue and Cobalt Blue mosaic pool tiles for sale.

And regarding maintaining resale value, it’s worth noting that blue glass tile and green glass tile have appeal to the masses – in other words, a sure thing when it comes time to sell a home.

There are many ways to use blue mosaic tile, including:

Blue Tile for Kitchen Backsplashes

Blue glass tile has a calming and relaxing effect, fostering an aura of serenity. Suitable for kitchens or bathrooms, a blue backsplash can create a look that is cool, clear and inviting. If you’ve got a room that gets drenched by the sun, blue glass tile can actually give the feeling of a cooler room so the heat doesn’t seem so intense.

Bringing a touch of blue to the wall in the form of a blue blend is an excellent way to introduce blue into a space if you’re hesitant to go overboard. Take a look at our Artistry in Mosaics Caribbean Blue glass tiles. This beautiful blue blend mosaic tile gives you the same clean, vibrant look as the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. And because this blue mosaic tile is glass, you'll be mesmerized by the gentle twinkle as the sunlight reflects off the tiles throughout the day.

As a bonus, the 1” x 2” subway tile shape assures you of having classic aesthetic lines that never goes out of style.

Blue Tile for Bathrooms & Showers

The bathroom may be a room where you'd like to convey a sense of serenity and relaxation using a cool color palette. For a spa-like feel, consider incorporating a sea of blue or green glass tile into the space. Blue mosaic tiles offer a bit of shimmer that's reminiscent of ocean waves. Green glass tiles can also be used to evoke a natural aura in areas where other materials are less practical.

If your bathroom feels cramped, a lighter shade of green glass tiles or blue glass tiles on the walls may be just enough to convey a sense of depth and space. Adding blue glass tile or green glass tile, which has light-reflective capabilities, will also help to create a more open appearance.

A popular mosaic tile for bathrooms or showers is Artistry in Mosaics Blue Copper Blend. The 3/4” x 3/4” chips not only look great, they also add a touch of style and sophistication.

Blue Tile for Wall Accents

Blue mosaic tiles as cool colors make excellent contrasting wall accents. Muted shades of colored glass tile accents intermixed with complementary room colors adds a hint of cool tones without changing the entire look of the room. If you’re unsure about how to find complimentary colors, consult a color wheel. Look at the hues located opposite the color of your walls or furniture or cabinets.

Also mixing green glass tile and blue glass tile with gray will help wall accents pop out. You can pretty much find all these accent colors combined in our compelling Blue Planet glass tile. These environmentally friendly 1” x 1” glass tile chips are made in Spain from 99% recycled glass. 

Blue Tile for Swimming Pools & Spas

Blue mosaic tiles create a stunning swimming pool.

The most difficult part is deciding on the shade of blue mosaic tile. A light blue blend, for example, gives an iridescent and cool tone to the water. A mid-blue blend on the other hand perfectly reflects the color of the sky and creates a resort style feeling to the space.

One of our favorites is Azure by Artistry in Mosaics. This is an olympic blue mosaic tile with 1” x 1” chips and a touch of iridescence. This particular hue of blue mosaic tile creates serious drama to the water color while the iridescence adds a wow factor.

Additionally, because Azure is a glass pool tile, applied as a waterline you can expect this swimming pool tile to become extra shiny and luminous when the sun reflects off the surface.


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