Stock Pool Mosaics vs. Custom Mosaics: Two Great Pool Tile Ideas

swimming pool mosaic ideas
by AquaBlu Mosaics

Glass mosaic tile, and swimming pool mosaics are two extremely influential elements when applying the finishing touch to any outdoor aquatic environment. This includes swimming pools, spas, outdoor showers, outdoor kitchens and more.

AquaBlu Mosaics offers over 2,000 stock items for customers to choose from, as well as custom design and production services. With so many available options customers often wonder what the main differences are between choosing a stock item versus taking the custom route.

To help give you a more specific idea of how to finalize your selection of glass tile and pool mosaics, here’s a guide intended to help spark your next uniquely you mosaic pool tile idea:

Stock Swimming Pool Mosaics

One of the most endearing, and appealing qualities about glass tile and pool mosaics is certainly the variety. The possible combinations of color, texture, styles and design compositions are almost endless, which make these products an extremely creative medium perfect for homeowners and businesses looking to put a personal stamp on everything from swimming pools to interior/exterior walls and even backsplashes.

Customers that are price conscious and under tight time constraints should certainly first start with looking at stock glass tiles and stock swimming pool mosaics.

They are generally 30% to 40% less expensive than custom pool tile for sale, and they can be shipped out within 1-2 business days from the time of receiving the order. According to AquaBlu Mosaics, most of the time stock glass tiles and pool mosaics can be shipped out the same day, as long as the orders are processed before noon Eastern time. This is truly ideal for customers deciding last minute that they want a family of playful dolphins mosaics or turtle mosaics in their swimming pool!

AquaBlu offers more than 750 different pool mosaic designs – everything from the popular mosaic turtles and mosaic dolphins to mermaids, sharks, game fish and mosaic medallions.

Some of the stock pool mosaic collections include:

AquaBlu’s stock pool mosaics are available in three different styles:

  • Glass Mosaics: Imported, highest luxury mosaics available. These beautiful pool mosaics are made from tiny hand cut / hand carved glass tile chips.
  • Screen Printed Porcelain: Made by U.S.A. by skilled artisans. This style of pool mosaic is the most natural and realistic. Through this process digital images are printed to premium ¼” thick porcelain tile, kiln fired and then water jet cut to shape. Choose this style of pool mosaic and you may believe that your porcelain mosaic friends are actually real! 
  • Hand Painted Porcelain: Also made in the U.S. by skilled artisans. These pool mosaics are more traditional. Here the mosaics are 100% handmade. They are hand sculpted and hand painted from premium porcelain. This style may be referred to as rustic, "Old World" and playful as the minor imperfections of the handmade process adds charisma and charm to the item.

Many of the stock pool tiles can be purchased with or without a shadow.

Tip: If you desire an amazing 3-D effect optical illusion that makes the pool mosaic appear to be elevated and swimming above the pool floor – buy the pool mosaic with a shadow!

All styles of pool mosaics offered by AquaBlu Mosaics are made of the highest quality materials, made specifically for swimming pools and outdoor environments, and are shipped pre-assembled to a mesh backing ready to install!

Custom Mosaic Designs

For those looking to create a truly one of a kind look that is fitting of one’s personal style and personality there is no better choice than taking the custom route.

These one of a kind mosaic designs are for homeowners and business owners who are looking for the ultimate personalization.

Expect to pay at least 30% more for these custom glass and porcelain mosaics. There’s also a lead time that ranges from 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the project, but rest assured the wait is worth it!

According to AquaBlu, custom projects may range from a simple family crest mosaic to be installed in a plaster pool tile finish, to producing custom glass mosaic murals that completely wrap a customer’s swimming pool - creating the ultimate in luxury pool finishes. Custom all glass tile pools are trending as they are the epitome of luxury, and have substantial long term benefits over traditional plaster finishes. For example when installed correctly an all tile pool will never have to be refinished, whereas plaster finishes are typically redone every five years or so.

Popular in Custom Residential

The most common custom pool mosaic requests are usually for items that have sentimental value to the homeowner. This may be a family crest, name, emblem or icon.  Favorite sports mosaic logos, family company logos can be added to the list.

Also popular are specific aquatic animals that are not part of the stock item line up. With screen-printing abilities to porcelain tile it is easy to recreate lifelike mosaics. How about an eight foot tiger shark? AquaBlu Mosaics has done it before!

Photo Murals has been gaining popularity. These are images provided by the home owner that are usually printed to 6” x 6” porcelain tile. This could be a family portrait, pet or inspiring photograph.

Popular in Commercial

Mosaic tiles also make excellent signage for restaurant and store owners who want to separate their “look” from the pack. Spas and businesses with pools or other water features also order custom glass tile gradients that can be applied in creative ways to cover some or all of a water feature – including nearby walls!

A custom blend of glass mosaic tile gradients is a signature of sorts as well as an artistic display that can linger in a customer’s mind and heart long after their visit ends.

Not Just for Swimming Pools...

AquaBlu states that while their production methods are UV resistant, and suitable for outdoor and submerged environments - these are just testaments of the durability of the products that they offer.

Residential and commercial spaces such as lobbies, foyers, accent walls, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms etc are also perfect places to display something that shouts out who you are or what interests you. 

The Process:

No matter the custom request, AquaBlu Mosaics has the resources and talent to produce mosaics in glass or porcelain media for just about any application and at any size. Various production methods that compliment your pool tile ideas can be viewed on our website.

Customers may fill out the custom mosaic form on the AquaBlu website. Here you can select a desired production process, then provide project details and specifications. You can also upload images for reference. An AquaBlu Mosaics representative will reach out to review the project and may provide initial quotes (pending that enough information has been provided) within 1-2 business days.

Customers may also contact the company directly. AquaBlu's professional team of mosaic tile experts are happy to discuss your custom project, and can recommend the best method of production for the application, while staying within budget.
Got questions about stock versus custom pool mosaics? Talk to one of our experts. You can call us at (800) 971-1442 or fill out our contact form. You can visit our website at