Staff Picks: Top Pool Mosaics for 2024

Staff Picks: Top Pool Mosaics for 2024
by Cristi Oramas

Mosaics have adorned pools, spas, walls, and floors for centuries. They add a touch of unique style and transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. From intricate patterns to vibrant colors, our team has handpicked the most exquisite pool mosaics that are sure to elevate your outdoor space to a whole new level of luxury and style. Get ready to be inspired by the latest in pool design and discover the perfect mosaic that will transform your pool into a true work of art.

    The Goddess Medallion Glass Pool Mosaic

    Staff Favorite of Ryan Rodriguez, Customer Success Manager 

    Sophisticated, stunning, and hand-crafted to perfection, the Goddess Medallion is a favorite amongst homeowners and staff alike! Its grand design adds a touch of regal elegance to any pool or spa. Ryan says, "As someone who has always been infatuated with high-end luxury brands, this Goddess Medallion has stood out to me from the very moment I laid eyes on it!" 

    The Goddess Medallion glass pool mosaic installed in a large luxury pool to accentuate a rounded curve in the pool.

    The Joyful Soul Porcelain Mandala

    Staff Favorite of Sarah Barker, Merchandising Manager

    Originating from India, mandalas have been used as a representation of deep, spiritual meaning and sometimes, as a representation of the universe itself. Our collection of mandala pool mosaics blends these mystical characteristics with modern, vibrant colors to delight everyone who comes across them. Our merchandising manager, Sarah, has taken a particular liking to the Joyful Soul Mandala pool mosaic. She says, “Pool mosaics are a fun way to add a pop of color to your outdoor living space, and the Joyful Soul Mandala porcelain pool mosaic is no exception! I love seeing customers use this bright and colorful mosaic on in-pool bar stools, a grand centerpiece, and even on their pool steps!"

    The joyful soul mandala installed as a centerpiece in a pool. There are a lot of flowers and lush vegetation around the pool and deck.

    The Caribbean Fusion Starfish Pool Mosaic

    Staff Favorite of Goldie Weideman, Regional Sales Manager

    Small details can make a big impact when it comes to designing your dream pool. The Fusion collection by Artistry in Mosaics makes it easy to make a statement, whether you’re looking to decorate the pool surround or need some fashionable step markers. Goldie, one of our regional sales managers, has this to say about the Caribbean Starfish: “The Fusion Starfish is perfect for a tropical reef scene with a twist. The vibrant color of the Caribbean and its iridescent finish gives this mosaic the wow factor everyone will love!”

    The Caribbean Fusion starfish installed in a pool step next to the matching square tiles along the edge.

    The Green Porcelain Sea Turtle w/ Shadow

    Staff Favorite of Jamie Brinkman, Director of Operations

    Looking for a way to liven up your pool or spa? Look no further than the Green Porcelain Sea Turtle with Shadow! This photorealistic turtle pool mosaic will have you feeling like you’re swimming in an ocean of your very own – and right in your own backyard! Jamie, our director of operations loves it too! She says, “I love how these adorable sea turtle pool mosaics transform any pool into a beautiful retreat. Their playful design and added shadow give a whimsical touch that adds character and life to your personal paradise.”

    Two Green Sea Turtles with shadow installed by a large mosaic of a coral reef in a large pool.

    The Swimming Mermaid Porcelain Pool Mosaic

    Staff Favorite of Cristi Oramas, Creative Content Manager

    When I was little, I’d dream of swimming in the depths of the ocean, passing fish of all sizes and colors, guided by a beautiful mermaid who’d take me on a great adventure. It’s a dream that sparked a love of the ocean that’s lasted a lifetime. The Swimming Mermaid pool mosaic brings back that sense of magic and wonder I had as a child and creates a sense of welcoming adventure in any pool. It’s by far one of my favorite pool mosaics. Plus, it’s hand-crafted by Artistry in Mosaics, ensuring immaculate attention to detail so you can be sure your mosaic will look good for years to come!

    The Swimming Mermaid pool mosaic installed in a pool overlooking a large lake.


    Our collection of pool mosaics contains hundreds of options. From small accents like those in the Fusion collection to larger pieces like mermaids and sea life mosaics, there’s something for everyone to transform their pool and spa into their own personal paradise.

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